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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sugasm #28

I gots somethin' new for this whorey little rag, but I also have extreme fatigue and apathy. Yes, I'm spent. I'm happy. I'm good (some of the time). I'm not replenished. You'll get yer new shit when I get my energy. :) Late tonight, maybe? Tomorrow? Stay tuned.

Gotta say -- I'm liking this all-sex diet. Do you have any fucking idea how absolutely hurtin' I am? Holy ab muscles, Batman! And Jesus, is that my ASS? OUCH. You think I'm sore? The boyfriend and his post-surgical reality is that he's takin' 3 Tylenol-3s tonight. Mercy? Fuck mercy -- AND the horse it rode in on!!

Back to your regular programming.


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