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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Your local scribe is gonna be on the Sex With Emily show this Saturday night. It's unfortunate that my big media debut's on a long weekend, but at least it's a downloadable podcast after the fact.

The show will air live in San Francisco on 106.9 Free FM. It's on from 11pm to 1am PST, and no, I don't know my airtime just yet. When I do, I'll post it here.

After that, hopefully you'll be able to devour me in downloadable formats.

I'll be talking about Sex & The Body Image, conveniently enough. Near and dear to my heart, that.


It's getting closer... closer... and closer. It's time I announce something I've had in the offing for about a month or two now. It's still in planning stages, I'm still gonna be learning baptism-by-fire, but at least the gear's getting ordered and soon I'll be going live with a podcast.

I'll be creating podcasts that are 100% Steff-written, Steff-created, but first aired on, an exciting new massively multi-player online game in which you can shag yourself silly, be an adult in a "real" virtual world, and create the "ideal" you as a character. It's recently been featured as a hot new site to watch in Wired Magazine, and has only recently made its live debut. I'll even have an avatar in the world!

There's to be a membership fee, and while YOU won't need that to download my podcasts (which are a downloadable, listen-at-your-leisure radio-type broadcasts available for FREE through the 'net), you'll need a membership to participate in -- and this isn't finalized, because there are technical challenges to overcome -- a live after-show discussion with me. If the latter happens, then AFTER both are broadcasted, podcasts will be available for you through this site. Like I says, though, if you want real-time interaction with me, you'll have to be a junkie.

The podcast is a ways off -- probably a month. It's still in the works, but I've been given the go-ahead to mention my affiliation with the lovely folks at RLC. I'm still awaiting all the gear required to do a bang-up show, but things are being ordered, wheels are turning, and sands are disappearing through the hourglass.