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Monday, May 29, 2006

Gimme Sugah! Sugasm #35 & Schtuff

Hi there, boys & girls. It's Monday, do you know where your pulse is?

I'm slowly coming around to the land of the living today. Feeling a little better, health's improving, getting some rest. It's nice to feel vaguely human for the first time in a couple weeks, to feel like something other than a grunt could be uttered when asked how I'm doing. Lovely!

I have a busy day filled of actual work, but I have something fun I plan to write on today, and... oh, hey, would you like to be teased? Betcha you would. Everyone loves a tease.

Well, I had this email sent by a guy who's being driven slowly mad by the sounds of his beautiful next door neighbour orgasming practically every time he's outside having a cigarette, since his girlfriend doesn't allow smoking in the house. His girlfriend doesn't really put out (my words, not his) as much as he'd like, and he's developing carpal tunnel from masturbating so damned much!

Naturally, he wrote to me in the hopes that I could share some of my otherworldly brilliance (snicker, right) to help him find a solution to his problems.

I guess quitting smoking and going on the patch won't do it, huh?

So, I'm gonna have fun turning that little dilemma around in my head today, and will get a little bit of wine and spend my night writing something that will probably be more on the side of funny than helpful, but let's hope I can kill two birds with one stone. In the meantime, you boys and girls can get your palms & fingers ready for action by reading the brilliance of all these lovely smuteurs included in this weekend's orgasmic samplings of the best sexy writing on the web. Check back late this evening and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a little sumthin'-sumthin' for you to delight yourself with.

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