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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sugasm #32 and Meaningless Rambles

God, some days, posting something feels like a heroin addict in search of a fix. "But I gots to write, Mister! Gots to! I just don't know what I'd do!"

I was surfing movie poster sites earlier, looking at fonts and typeface approaches, for a little project I have in mind. A project for this blog. For you, actually. I think you'll like it. Yer gonna have to wait. No fix for you today, baby. Right now, though, I'll let you enjoy this wacky old movie poster that gave me a good laugh. Wasp Woman! Something tells me she shouldn't be filed under "F" for "Fuckable."

Actually, that just looks downright nasty. Note how she looks vaguely similar to Elizabeth Taylor? Hardly a coincidence, don't you think? Hmm.

The mere act of trying to post something every day can be a bit much, especially when one's mind is on other matters. Today, I'm thinking of money. I quit my job to pursue this writing thing, and things are coming down to the wire. I life a spartan life, really, and don't buy toys, need new clothes, don't go out, but it's the price I pay to do this... and you get to reap the rewards.

I checked my bank account and it's not very happy, it's waiting for a cheque to arrive, but I have a piggy bank. The piggies are being assaulted today, it seems. Money will be had. Grapes are going to die for me, and I shall suck their lifeblood tonight.

Yes, I'm buying wine. Fuck it. Out of my budget (but feel free to visit my PayPal donation tab there, hardy-har-har) but it's been a long time since I've sat around with a cheap-to-mediocre wine and written the night away. Tonight is that night. I'll have peasant's fare and a cheap wine to boot. I'm almost certain I'll have something highly readable for you tomorrow, but it probably will be more serious, less wacky.

Hey, it needs to happen sometimes, you know -- seriousness.

In the next few days, I'll try to do a starting post for the bondage intro for the weekend. Let me reiterate for those who are confused -- I'm not here to be your knot-tying guru or your portal into the ancient Japanese art of Shibari. I'm here to tell you how shoe-tying skills can improve your love life. Yep, if you can tie your shoes, you can get laid better. It's really that simple.

I'm not going so far as to "dumb it down," but I'll sure as hell be taking the mystique/lifestyle/intimidation out of it.

It's really nice when something has an image. You know, you think of me sitting around drinking wine and writing, and it will probably end up being exactly as cliche as you suspect it will be -- some candles, some melacholy instrumental music (think Loreena McKennit), etc. Sometimes, though, images get in the way of knowing the essence of a thing, and with bondage, that's certainly the scenario there.

I think I'll try to have that up sometime on Thursday, with a me-day-posting for tomorrow.

Sometime in the next week, some sex toy reviews. And then the Guy and I really need to sit down and watch these DVDs I'd like to review for you. I'll tell you about them another time. This is probably not the weekend for the Guy and I to be doing that, but soon, we can hope.

Meanwhile, if my meaningless blather is doing nothing for you, maybe these kindly folks can push your buttons. Oh, MY. Another Sugasm? Already? Really... it's just too much. You're wearing me out, baby!

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