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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yawnday & the Sugasm #34

Sleep... I recall what it felt like. To rest, to dream. The last time I was sleeping deeply was about five days ago, give or take. I awoke with a start when I had a nightmare about someone I used to be friends with, who, in the dream, had taken to life as a junkie on the streets. Ah, the subconscious - what a bitch. Sleep has eluded me since.

I tend to be overly analytical about my life; I obsess about my needs and what has to get done, and it can interfere with sleep. Right now, though, I think it's just the season. Sun's up at 5am, and I'm up by the time it's peaked over the apartment building across the way. I've got a big-assed black blanket over my window now, and hope tonight is gold.

Given my extreme sleeplessness this week, and that Thursday night was my worst, with two hours sleep, my Friday morning post probably sounds more cynical than it maybe should have been. Guy and I are taking time, things are worth trying to get back to good times, and I think there's enough foundation laid that it may well come to be that way. Not to worry, just too soon to judge.

So, I'm in desperate need of sleep. Long weekends suck for web traffic, and my hits are abysmal, my stats are a laugh, and working to post fresh material in the midst of that is a waste of time right now. I'll be back with something decent sometime Monday.

Meanwhile, here's some fodder for y'all.

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