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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Sugasm #36!

Sex, I remember sex. Life has been insane. Sex has been absent. I don't care. I haven't really been in the mood anyhow, and suspect that with all the distractions on my plate, I may not be for a bit. Still job hunting. I apparently got a job today, but I think I'll pass. It's too dubious. It's a teaching job where, if I can't work at the last second... say I come down with the bubonic plague or something, I have to pay THEM for missing the class. Yeah. Right. I might want to get fucked (in theory; in practice, who has the energy?), but I had other notions in mind, thank you. So, no, let's fuck YOU instead, bubba.

So, yeah, of course I "got" the job. On the flipside, getting calls back from some people now, and there're more good jobs cropping up. I shall overcome!

Come on, people, sing it with me: "I will survive..."

What is it, lately? Everywhere I fucking turn, I hear Gloria Gaynor. Is the universe willing me to be out of a relationship or something? It's creepy! No more Gaynor! Ack! She's in the background of every show I've flipped past of late. I even encountered the tragic scenario of seeing Morgan Fairchild butchering it in her rendition for the VH1 show, "But Can They Sing?" Uh, in a word? No. No, they certainly cannot. I won't allow it. Not for one moment more. Unlike, say, the conglomerate airing the show or the fucking MORONS who are watching it (yeah, you know who you are!), I have some standards, thanks.

Ixnay on the ingingsay by as-beenshay, eh? Fucking D-list, trying to claw their way back into a lucrative career. There you have it, finally: Quantifiable proof that when you enter into the Big Celebrity Genetic Warping Toolie as you pass through the hills of Hollywood, it has a new feature that sucks your soul out with a straw (and inserts tapioca bubbles).

"Vacuous, yet tasty! The new celebrity flavour is you, with tapioca!"

Anyhow, without ado, maybe these people are fucking like monkeys on a hot jungle night. Some of us are looking for jobs and wondering when the mystical rent-paying creatures are going to materialize and save our asses. Happy vicarious living, my friends. Meanwhile, you think I'd crumble, you think I'd lay down and die? Oh, no, not I --I will survive!

(And unlike Morgan Fairchild, I gotz ze ghetto bootay, baby. Fuck the D-list, baby.)

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