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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just a Few of My Firsts: Part 1

If you've missed the bulletin, I have a new blog which is due to be replacing this one. Please update your links accordingly -- it's much appreciated. It's found at Most of the content from here will gradually be moved over to there. It'll take a while, though. (If anyone's written a program to simplify the chore, let me know... there's about 400 posts!)

For the time being, I'm shadow posting here. I'll tell you what I've written, and send you over there. One day, that'll stop. So, update your links and bookmarks, and know that I love you so for it. Thanks!

The latest posting over there is part one in a series I'm calling Just a Few of My Firsts. In it, I'll share some details about first kisses, first fucks, first flings, and more. We're starting off slow and letting things heat up. Check it out.