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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Got questions? I got answers

This scribe called Steff needs a couple days to chill. Life’s hectic, and creatively, I’m spent. I’m working on some writing, so coming up with new topics is asking too much of my little mind.

I’d love to field questions from y'all. If I don’t have the definitive answers, I’ll find them or at least open a discussion on the topic. What’s on your mind?

If you value privacy, I can respect that. Feel freel to drop me an email, and I’ll answer it publically while keeping your name out of the matter.

What are the boundaries? There are none. Ask anything you want. Ask about me. Ask about sex. Ask about my history. Fetishes, bad habits, whatever you want, babes. My inner bad girl's hoping some envelopes get pushed.

But if it goes too far, we’ll find a happy compromise.

I’ll answer as time permits, starting with as soon as the first questions arrive. And my mailbox is always open if you’ve got a topic you think I should be addressing.

Let’s talk about sex, folks. Bring it.

Also, I'll be working on Saga of J's continuation, and possibly its conclusion, over the next few days. Sometime in the next week. (I need to get it done for other reasons, too, so... It's looking promising.)