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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sadly, someone over at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dropped the ball and forgot to give me the heads-up re: when they were to run a snippet about yours truly's little old bloggie on their latenight arts-related program, Zed Real. As it turns out, it ran last week, and I'm just hearing about it now. Sigh.

Still haven't seen it, since the website keeps crashing my browser on my Mac, but I suspect that since it's a national entity, they're probably more Windows-friendly. Scroll down for "Blog2Go"and you can watch a snippet of one of my old postings apparently set to groovin' old-style music. I mean, if you care, feel free. ;) Their slogan is, "Turning blogs into TV." Naturally, I'm curious what my blog airs like, but whatever. I'm waiting on one of the helpful network people to hook me up, which I'm sure they'll do. Canadians are so helpful. Heh.

Oh, the CBC is to Canada what BBC is to the UK, FYI.