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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


All will be fine shortly. I fucked up and didn't pay the domain registration in time. I must get a daytimer.

The boo-boo le bad will be rectified in, like, 24 hours or something.

Go ahead, throw something at me. This screen thing's bound to protect me. ;)

Meanwhile, I have honey garlic chicken marinade that needs making. Coming soon over there at I'll post, um, oh, right! DRAG Queen pictures and just general gay-yness from the Pride parade.

...Ten minutes later.

Ah, fuck it. Took ten minutes out of my busy night. Here's some pics. The stupid story behind the fucking domain registration? I don't have a credit card thanks to my get medieval-on-my-spending plan from a couple years back, and the fuckwits with the domain registration don't take PayPal. They did LAST year. Motherfuckers. So, my friend tried logging in to pay for me and I had the password wrong. He tries four times, and BLAMMO, they lock the joint down on him. 24-hour suspension on the account. Tomorrow he tries with the CORRECT password.

Like the blind leadin' the blind, I swear, but we'll make it there, kids.

YES, these ARE my pictures. Took 'em my own damn self. :)