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Monday, March 20, 2006

A Word from the Management

It seems I'm getting into bed with slutty silent-silent partner. Ooh! He Who Must Not Be Named* will be fronting all the technology for your little smuteur (that's me!) to do a podcast. Maybe (gasp) -- MAYBE -- even two podcasts, maybe one involving actual interaction with you, the audience. (That depends if we can get the technological end of that worked out, but we're optimistic.)

Weekly, even. ETA? Hopefully within the next four weeks, very likely the next six weeks. Let's say May 1st, shall we?

I'd tell you some of the content, but I'm into surprises, and I bet you are, too. Suffice to say... it will be Steff without a leash, on the fly, off the cuff. You know you'll love it, you greedy folks, you.

It will be found off-site for initial broadcast, and after a delay, will be made free to you, my first loves. Oh, this could be the start of a beautiful thing, baby. If you have ideas for things you'd like me to address, you can always let me know, but I have to admit, I'll be a little less loose and carefree with audience requests with the actual first-run show, since it's to be an actual "produced" program. Girl's got designs in mind, baby.

To those of you who've expressed their enthusiasm about this before now, thanks for giving me the enouragement. I'm a little gun-shy, but hey... a little fear never hurt.

*Okay, we'll call him Voldemort.

As per a reader Q: Podcast = Downloadable, free internet-based "radio"-type broadcast (pre-recorded) created by independent average everyday folks, though the corporate world -- the whores they are -- are getting in on the act and using it as a business tool. Mine would be very current-sexual events based, politically & culturally & societally focused (again, with sex in mind throughout), with my typical humour (or lack thereof) inflicted upon you. When you're inflicted, you'll take it and you'll like it. ;) There's hopes of my doing a post-show q&a, which would be done live, but that's going to take some technical fidgetting, and it may or may not materialize, but we're determined to examine the option. Long and the short is, you'd be able to hear me doing this shit instead of just reading it. The content may sometimes be similar to my backlog, etcetera, but it will never be identical, and I'd rather be generating fresh work, not rehashing. I have standards.