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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Cunt Gets a Megaphone

(This is today’s second posting. My rant below this got this wagon wheel turning.)

Hi, I’m Steff, and I’m the proud owner of a soapbox.

I’m a smart gal, but it's a big world and a lot of happenings escape my notice. If you see something that gets under your skin, that just ain’t right, and you want me to comment, send that bad-boy link to me, and if it gets my panties in a bunch, I’ll take it on.

There’s no fewer than a half-dozen stories from today alone that have me really, really pissed off. I want to speak to the issues, and I need your help. Send me links. Send me excerpts. My email’s on the sidebar, and my box is open to you – always. I may not get back to you quickly, but if it pisses me off, there’ll be a rant posted same day.

I’ve always been a very political person, but over the last five years I’ve become increasingly silent on issues because I’m so depressed about the state of neighbouring America and the turmoil around the world, but I’m sick and tired of keeping my mouth shut when it seems so damned few people are saying anything of consequence. It’s time I put my money where my mouth is and speak my mind. It’s time I lead by example – it’s time we all did, and I don’t mean those sanctimonious religious fuckers who are trying to legislate morality.

I have sex as often as I’m able, within the constraints of my own sense of morality. I’ve given blow jobs. I’ve taken it backwards and forwards. I’ve used birth control of more than one variety. I’ve had sex in public places. I own sex toys. I’ve watched porn. I’ve tried to become better and better at sex every time I have it. I own bondage gear.

And I am not yet on a first-name basis with Satan. Shocking, I know, but true. I, in fact, (gasp) have gone to church in the last six months. I donate to charity. I do not have a criminal record. I do housework. I pay my taxes – honestly. I don’t lie on my resume. I call my parents regularly. I’m always punctual. I’m a model employee. I treat people with respect. I ride a cute scooter and obey the laws of the road.

Nonetheless, right now, I'd like to get fucked silly and sideways, and if that makes me amoral, then sign me up, baby.

Religious Right, I say this to you: Fuck right off.

And Readers, I say this to you: Give me a reason to keep this going. Clue me in. Email me. Speak up, or at least let me speak for you. (And don't forget, the very real prospect of me with a podcast looms -- and trust me, it's gonna be political. I'll be the liberal Dennis Miller of sex.)