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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sugasm #30

(So, it's a holiday weekend and I thought lying around mostly naked and playing with the bits and pieces of my significant other sounded a little more entertaining and, well, frankly, nice, than playing with my keyboard. I'm still in lazy mode, though he's left a little bit ago, so I'm going to recoup my tired ass on my couch, catching up on taped television from the last week. I'll have something tasty and new for you on Monday. Thanks for waiting. These folks, however, have good shit for you to read here and now. Have at'em.

And if you see a large, furry bunny hopping around with eggs in your backyard, please, don't shoot. He still hasn't gotten his ass over here with that chocolate. Fuck, y'know, service ain't what it usedta be, baby.)

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