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Friday, May 19, 2006

Girlie Goes Live! Catch Me on the Radio Show!

At approximately midnight, TONIGHT,
(May 20th)*
I'll be live
on the Sex with Emily show.

If you don't live in the San Franciso area, you can probably download the podcast the next day or two after that. Regardless of where your Waldo is, if you're up and want a nightcap with me, you can listen live on Free 106.9 FM's website by clicking the "LIVE" button in the centre top of the page.

That'll take you to a registry page where you have to sign up for a Radiomat account, which is free, and then you can listen to your heart's content. The show actually begins at 11:00pm, so you can tune in then and listen to all the smutty talk as an appetizer for yours truly.

I won't be posting Saturday, I don't expect, as I want to take the day to do things I enjoy and/or productive things, so I'm clear and relaxed for the show. Truth be told, I'm a nervous girlie. I'm a pretty modest chick and down-to-earth, so the whole notion of being a guest on a show's a little weird. And, shh, don't tell anyone... I'm kinda shy, you know. My segment, be warned, will probably be 10 minutes or less. What can I say? I like quickies.