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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Than You Need To Know

I was at the drug store yesterday, buying some deodorant. I've discovered that my old office is filled with as many fraily girlie-girls as ever, and they still like the temperature to hover in Death Valley realms. Fuckin' hell, literally. Naturally, I'm stuck in the management's office, and they've got problems with it being even hotter than the rest of the office. It's maddening.

So, I've switched brands now, of the underarm stuff. I've always bought generic, 'cos a couple drug stores have the good stuff bought with their own labels on it, right? Last time, I bought the Canadian Superstore's generic. NEVER again! That shit was pilling up and everything. Superstore, you suck! Funny, they're known for their generic stuff. This, hands down, was the worst underarm product I have ever, ever used. Bad! Bad! Say no! Walk past! Never!

Yesterday, I bought Ban for the first time. The scent suckered me in. "Sweet Surrender," is what it's called. Hey, I've got to tell you, I don't mind smelling like sweet surrender. Call it honesty in advertising, if you must. Crumble under my spell, boys.

(And if you're wondering, it's an interesting mix of floral and fruit scents. I think there's a little papaya in there. It smells edible... something I'm always in agreement with.)