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Monday, September 11, 2006

Management Requests Your Patience

Hey, folks. Bear with me. I'm finally recording the first podcast -- but have to rerecord 90% of my work thanks to corrupted files. But there's movement! There's progress! I had hoped to have it ready for this Thursday but there will be a delay now. One thing after another, man. But that's okay. I'm copin'. But it also means I don't have as much time to write, so this blog will suffer this week, I'm sure. Stay tuned anyhow.

Speaking of podcasting...

Is there anyone out there willing to guide me through the process of how to stream my feed on my new site when I'm ready to go? I'll give you my MSN account and we can tackle it sometime over the next week...? All you would get is my undying love and affection, and maybe an amusing sticker as a thank-you, me being lowly underpaid writer girl and all. I'm looking forwards to getting this up and running, and now it's down to the crunch. Sometime soon, for sure.