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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Grumpy Steff

I'm a little grumpy, a little tired, and a little not in to mood to blog tonight, dear.

It's been a long week, and Thursday is my least favourite day of the week. I'll be quite happy when it's done with. Fortunately, my day is apparently approving a tad, since the weather's no longer calling for rain tonight, which always makes my commute a bit better.

I have no decent food, which means "Scrounge" is what's on the menu for lunch. (Boo.) And I have a little email not-really-a-misunderstanding, but-something-worth-discussing going on with the Guy, which is lame, but we'll sort it out. One of those things where a clearer conversation should've happened before things went down, but it didn't, and here we are. Oh, to be human.

I like it much better when it's laughter, fun, and orgasms, but those things will return quite shortly, I'm sure. Every now and then we get to return to planet earth and be reminded life isn't all sunbeams and blossoms.

But I really dislike Thursdays. Have I mentioned that yet? But tomorrow's Friday, and then it's the weekend, and I suspect that some nice times with the Guy loom during all that. One can hope. But it's Thursday, the hopeless day of void, and not even a promising lunch is on the horizon. Ew. :P

Oh, well. It'll improve once I get out into the world. For now, festering in the mood's not such a bad thing. I'll get it over with. And drink some water. I get ridiculous moods from dehydration, which I know I presently am experiencing. Isn't it amazing how dumb we can be, ignoring things like water because we don't think we have the time to deal with it? Oh, to be human. Without ado, then...