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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Male Rape. It's Time to Talk About It.

So, here's a big, big topic.

I'm wondering if there are any men out there who've been raped by females? Can you drop me an email, if so, and tell me about it? How you felt, what happened, whether you've ever had the courage to come forward before about it, and if so, what the response was? I know, it's not something you likely want to do, but it's an important topic, no one writes about it, it happens, and it ought to be written about.

I do not reveal identities, and will not reveal yours. I will change anything in your story that might reveal who you are. It's anecdotal information, at best, but it's a topic that should certainly get more exposure. Don't you think it's time you voice it? My email's in the sidebar. Click, and go.

Just because you're a guy doesn't mean the violation of your rights or body is any less horrifying, even if it's by women.