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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Morning Report

The love affair with the cock ring continues. After a nice "mid-week nookie session," the Guy looked down and exclaimed, "It's still not soft. I love this thing!" You see, cock rings rock.

It was nice getting cooked for by my man after six weeks of him not being able to stand at all. He's a foodie, you see, and even is a food writer, so I think he was Dante's Third Circle of Hell (Gluttons) for the last six weeks, except when I made dinner or played delivery girl with ribs and such. Now, good sex AND food? This is the life we like to live. Even if it was just a burger. Burgers are Good. I brought beer and potato salad. It must be spring. Bondage part two will be tonight or tomorrow. Today's my busiest day in the week.