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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Coming Soon

I have aspirations -- which is to say nothing may materialize (unlikely), but I'll try -- to do a week's worth of rants in the coming days. I'm taking today/tonight off, and will try to start writing sometime later on Monday, but this seems like a good week for rants, just to blow off some steam.

If you've not been around much, you may not know my mother passed a few years back, but suffice to say, I fucking hate the days leading up to Mother's Day. It's not just a "woe is me, I have no mommy" deal; it's a corporate-whoring of loving-thy-mommy thing that really, really pisses me off. More on that later.

Throw in a little PMS, and I have meself some fuel for me fire. I'm actually in pretty good spirits, I'm heading out to the swimming pool in 15 minutes for a little exercise, and seem to have a very likely chance of doing the dirty s-e-x tonight, so life's looking good. But I LOVE to rant. It's time I unleash.

Ranting's the literary enema. I love me some literary enemas. Come, little readers, let us purge! (Oh, and while we're at it, why do you people never send me news stories that I can freak out about, huh? Jesus. A little HELP? Ha.)