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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What sex is your brain?

I don't usually post quiz things, since they're typically relatively lame, but this one's interesting and confirms what I've always thought, which is that I tend to see the world through pretty masculine eyes. Check your brain here.
  • I scored 18 out of 20 for "angles" under spatial abilities, which is far higher than the average woman, and higher than the average man, as well, and I scored 50% under "spot the difference" in the same category, higher again than the average woman (46%) and the average man (39%).
  • The hand-clasping thing says I'm left-brain dominant, which is probably true.
  • For empathizing, I scored 9 out of 10, which puts me smack-dab between the average man (8) and woman (10.5).
  • Systemizing, I'm a 12 out of 20, higher than the average woman by 4, but below the average man by a piddly .5.
  • On the reading-eyes-for-emotions test, I blew the competition out of the water with 8 out of 10, and both men and women averaged 6 on that test.
  • My fingers ratio indicates I'm female. (Surprise.)
  • On my facial preference, I apparently prefer men with more masculine features, which is in keeping with my tastes in reality.
  • On 3-D shapes, I rocked the casbah with 11 out of 12, compared to 7 and 8 for the average woman and man, respectively.
  • On the words testing, I scored 16, higher than both the average man and woman.
The ultimatum tells me sweet fuck all, really. I asked for half, since I'm a pragmatist, and I'm just happy to get what I get. Apparently asking for less than half is typically female, but I think it's just weak, so I figure I've got backbone and self-esteem. Possibly. ;)

Cool test, though.