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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well, Well, Well, Happy Birthday to Ze Cunt!

This little rag's one year old today.

For the blog's anniversary I bought myself a treat: Anti-depressants and the first season of Weeds. Redundant gift, I know, because Weeds is so fucking funny I shouldn't even need meds, but hey. I'm a fan of overkill.

I'm feeling more like reading than writing now, but expect I'll feel introspective when I get home later, and will probably post around bedtime or something. Or not. Who knows.

Depress-o-meter: Up and down. Between a four and a six for most of the day; I've been working in television captioning for the last two weeks (a return to my old job of six years, and not as glamourous as it sounds, but a nice place to be for a spell) and I was working on a show all day about the abduction and molestation of children, so I have good reason to have been up and down. Life itself is more of a four today.