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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Mumblings, And Sugasm #39

Welcome to Monday. We're glad to have you join the ranks of the employed, and hope you're also looking forwards to the many hours this week that we'll be sucking your soul out through a straw. We ask that any individuality and personal preferences you possess be left at the door, and this week only, we're letting you go without the chains and tethers mercilessly binding you. Hey, we're freedom fighters too. Now, please, don't enjoy your stay, and don't forget, your clock is five minutes fast.


Yes, clearly I'm looking forwards to work this morning. Insomnia hit me last night. Unfortunately, the job I'm doing this week -- my old job in captioning for film and tv -- requires bonafide brain power and actual effort as well as strict adherence to deadlines. In short, it sucks when I'm tired. My new job starts next week and it's going to be less of a hassle on tired days, I bet.

Now my dilemma is whether I have the energy to cycle, and whether I have the energy to do all my tutoring this week, and if I don't who it is I'll be cancelling on. Hmm.

If you've not noticed, I was posting like a rabid whore with finger-flicking disease and too much time on her hands this weekend. It was fun. Useless and subpar, but fun. This was a good posting, though, and I think you should read it. But I really think you should leave me a comment somewhere, because I'm feeling comment-needy on this Monday and would love for folks to say hello as they're popping through. What's up, how's your summer?

I'll try to write a little tonight or tomorrow morning. No promises. Insomnia messes with everything. I'm going to try to cycle, and if I manage that, that's the big accomplishment that I need to have, as opposed to the ribe tucchus method of writing. Meanwhile, see below the Depress-o-meter for Sugasm, where real writing can be found with the flick of a wrist.


Depress-o-meter: Um, no sleep, stuck working, have an appointment after work, need to plan out my week better, and as a result, I'm a stressed-out 5 or 6 out of 10. Hey, it's Monday. I could be worse. I'm making blueberry muffins in a moment, and they're always perky for moods. I hate being tired. Grr.

Meanwhile, the best of the sex blogs and the bloggers who blog 'em. This is week #39 of the Sugasm.

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