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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Having Sex When Positive for HIV or AIDS...

...What do you people think?

We have a controversy brewing in Vancouver 'cos the coppers have released the information about a hooker who's having unprotected sex when she's AIDS-positive. Some activist types are all raising a fuss that she's not been "tried and convicted," so the press is having a field day with it.

Not too long ago, a Canadian football player (from the Roughriders team -- all puns are on hold) was found guilty for having sex without disclosing that he was positive. I think he's doing time, but since I'm having wine and waiting for GayBoy to feed me lambchops, I'm not going to research it.

I have strong opinions on these topics, but let's hear yours. You'll hear mine late tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. Or Saturday. Small matter of a life and all.

Here, read this. It'll give you some insight on Canadian sexual jurisprudence.

Oh, it's so hard keeping my opinion mum! But it's LAMBCHOPS, PEOPLE! And corn! In SEASON! Omigod!