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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

If You Got To Choose...

...a posting or a topic for me to take on during my podcast, what would you want to hear me talk about?

I'll probably be revisiting postings of old for the first couple podcasts, with some new material that's more timely, but there needs to be a filler or it'll never happen. You get to choose. Tell me what you've most enjoyed reading or what you think would benefit most by having me tackle it orally (and don't be an idiot and say, "My dick," thanks).

Tonight I plug my podcasting shit in for the first time and see where it goes. It's playtime.

Now, I warn you, people, aside from having a life and all that, I'll be working about 60 hours a week for the next several weeks. Like I said, I couldn't find work and now I can't turn enough of it away. Not fun. I need the cash, so for the foreseeable future, I'm working extra.

That means this place may suffer. You've been warned. But soon there'll be a podcast, too.