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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oddity of the Day

I may get around to writing late tonight, but that's not as likely as I'd sort of like it to be. I think I'm sorta taking a mental week off, in a way, in an attempt to recharge. There IS something I have to weigh in on, a story notion fed to me earlier in the week by x-Guy, but it's a time-v-life issue. It'll be a big, big story when I post it between now and Saturday, tho. I'm looking to be a little controversial with it, and something else happened today that ties in, so hence the post-poning thingiething.

MEANWHILE: Ever noticed how the Joy of Cooking has "how to skin a beaver" in it? Something tells me they ain't talking about Canadian girls, but whatever.

ANOTHER MEANWHILE: While checking out at a store last weekend with GayBoy, both of us were having a hard time keeping comments to ourselves when being served by this guy with the most chapped lips I've ever, ever seen. For the love of god, people, three words: Blistex Lip Conditioner. It's the best stuff ever.

Nothing's less sexy than lips that don't beg to be kissed. Soft, pouty, sexy lips that deserve nibbling and sucking and toying with for hours on end.

Chapped lips don't make the grade. EVER. Some people, like this guy, probably can't do much about it, but even if they're chapped or dry or whatever, a little Blistex gives a little shine, and that at least improves the appearance. Besides, it tastes nummy-yummy-ish. Or maybe I've just acquired the taste. Whatevah.

Now, the aforementioned and much-loved GayBoy is coming over to be fed. Not if I don't get cookin'!