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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The birth of the New Blog

Well, I'm launching the new blog today. It's not done. It's not ready. It's ready enough. "New" as in "about to replace this blog forever" type of "new".

I need to make the stupid unfinished thing public or I won't actually do what needs to get done. I'm too lazy. I love to procrastinate. I see fun things to do them, and the crazy part of me inside says, "Yes, I'd rather have fun than do boring shit like transferring over 200 old postings, Steff!" Go figger.

So, having it up and open for biz will help me get my shit together. This is the first posting. Slowly, I will move all the important archives here to there, and will cease updating this blog. One day, this blog will be nothing more than a solitary satellite adrift in the gaping space that is the cyber universe. For now, both will be updated.

Don't worry, baby, I know you don't like change. We'll do this real gentle-like. Trust me.