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Friday, April 18, 2008

If you don't know, this blog doesn't get updated anymore. I'm still writing it, but under a new name: Smut & Steff. You can read most of the significant archives from this blog over there, plus the almost-two-years' worth of new content... Check out Smut & Steff, click here.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Female Circumcision

I dunno what the fuck's going on with my hosting company over @ They've installed new servers and have been migrating shit over. Apparently this post posted just fine, but it's not showing up on my site, and I haven't heard sweet fuck all about how they intend to fix the hosting.

Meanwhile, I'll post this here until things improve.

Work's a bitch, kids. Long days, long days. Tomorrow, however, a short one, then beers, then a concert, then apertifs, then getting to know the local transit. Then Stage Anew in my life officially kicks off with a three-day weekend. Colour me giddy.

But I wanted to pop by because I just found this article to be so good. I really dig The International Herald Tribune, and every now and then an article comes along and just pushes a button or two.

So I thought it was appropriate to share this story about girls who no longer have their buttons. Pardon the pun, but in all seriousness, the act of female circumcision is one of the most barbaric, ass-backward fucked-up "traditions" still going. This whole freedom-of-religion thing is great and all, but to go and cut out a woman's clitoris (which often can result in fatalities) for some dated, stupid, superstitious reason goes a little too fucking far.

Yeah, all right, so now I'm some pigheaded Westerner dogging Islam. Uh, no. I actually think Islam's pretty cool and that most Muslims I know are about the most decent you can imagine. It is one of the most giving faiths there is. Terrorists suck, but they ain't all Muslims. And the American religious right is just as full of shit as anyone.

Heh. Gotta love a tangent. And all I was gonna do was post a linkie.

When Ibrahim was 11 years old, she said, her parents told her she was going for a blood test. The doctor, a relative, put her to sleep and when she woke, she said she could not walk.

The memory haunts her now, and though she says that her parents "will kill" her if they find out, she has become a volunteer in the movement against genital cutting, hoping to spare other women what she endured.

I've had a lot of Muslim friends over the years so I really hate seeing stories like this that paint such a hardcore picture of their faith. Whatever, man. But here's what the IHT had to say about this barbaric tradition's links to Islam.

...the Ministry of Religious Affairs also issued a booklet explaining why the practice was not called for in Islam; Egypt's grand mufti, Ali Gomaa, declared it haram, or prohibited by Islam; Egypt's highest religious official, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, called it harmful; television advertisements have been shown on state channels to discourage it; and a national hot line was set up to answer the public's questions about genital cutting.

Yet still the tradition continues. It's a strange thing, but boy can men get intimidated by a teensy thing like the clit. But there's hope yet. Here's another bit:

...But now, quite suddenly, forces opposing genital cutting in Egypt are pressing back as never before. More than a century after the first efforts to curb this custom, the movement has broken through one of the main barriers to change: It is no longer considered taboo to discuss it in public. That shift seems to have coincided with a small but growing acceptance of talking about human sexuality on television and radio.

For the first time, opponents said, television news shows and newspapers have aggressively reported details of botched operations. This summer two young girls died, and it was front-page news in Al Masry al Yom, an independent and popular daily. Activists highlighted the deaths with public demonstrations, which generated even more coverage.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


All will be fine shortly. I fucked up and didn't pay the domain registration in time. I must get a daytimer.

The boo-boo le bad will be rectified in, like, 24 hours or something.

Go ahead, throw something at me. This screen thing's bound to protect me. ;)

Meanwhile, I have honey garlic chicken marinade that needs making. Coming soon over there at I'll post, um, oh, right! DRAG Queen pictures and just general gay-yness from the Pride parade.

...Ten minutes later.

Ah, fuck it. Took ten minutes out of my busy night. Here's some pics. The stupid story behind the fucking domain registration? I don't have a credit card thanks to my get medieval-on-my-spending plan from a couple years back, and the fuckwits with the domain registration don't take PayPal. They did LAST year. Motherfuckers. So, my friend tried logging in to pay for me and I had the password wrong. He tries four times, and BLAMMO, they lock the joint down on him. 24-hour suspension on the account. Tomorrow he tries with the CORRECT password.

Like the blind leadin' the blind, I swear, but we'll make it there, kids.

YES, these ARE my pictures. Took 'em my own damn self. :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Go to My New Home, Peoples!

Hi! Just checking in again!

You know I moved pads, right? I'm at shiny new digs over at! (After all, today's posting is about everyone's favourite bio-degradable toy, the penis!) I know, I know, you LIKED it here. My bad, really.

You see, I had to move. I was on the VERGE (the teetering brink as it were!) of fame and fortune when I got interviewed on a fancy-pants radio show last summer, and much to my chagrin, they couldn't say "Cunting Linguist" on air! But it's so cute and original, I wept. But the FCC will eat our asses, they said.

So, sooner or later I had to appease the man if I do indeed want people to be able to say where the hell I am on the internet, right?

But you know what? Same great taste! Now less filling! It's Steff... but still Steff! Who knew?

Add to all that is the fact that I've finally fixed shit at the new home. You can read my best-of in the archives and actually go to the place you were wanting to go to. Ack! WHO KNEW? Sadly, there's some other 300 posts here that aren't archived there, but there's only so many hours in a day, even if you're an underemployed cute little sprite like myself.

But if you're wanting the latest, funnest, greatest of Steff on a daily basis, then you're gonna need to go THERE. Yep! That's right! Making you work for your entertainment now. But you can do it. I know you can! Click that bu--


Friday, January 05, 2007

Just Checking In. You Know I've Moved, Right?

Hi! Long time no see, or is it?

I have a new home, and would love it if you visited me there. IF you're one of the scores of people who saw my new site when it wasn't working for half the browsers, you should know that it's been fixed!

Come on over, siddown, have a drink, peruse me. :)

Smut And Steff.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why, a Damsel in Distress! Oh no!

Previously unbeknownst to me, my new webpage is malfuncting. [Insert Mel Blanc]: "Why don't nobody tell me these things?!"

If you can help me conquer the HTML problems, I would be your number one fan for, like, ever! Please drop me an email (see sidebar) if you can help!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yes. Go read it over there. There's a new column. One of my favouritest in quite some time. It's a rant. I love a rant. Like an emotional enema. Keeps me regular.

Oh, I'm sorry. Breakfast? Apologies.

It's called Show Me The Pussy, and it's about William Shatner and a bunch of scantily clad women. You know you want it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Of Vampires and Lovers: A Halloween Posting

It's Halloween and I'm a little neck-obsessed just now, craving a middle-of-the-night visit from a Transylvanian count, but you'll hear none of it if you just sit here. It's over at Smut and Steff.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting Laid, Getting Tested, Getting AIDS

There's a new posting over at Smut & Steff about new relationships, getting tested, and then some pretty mind-blowing stats on AIDS/HIV that every sexually active person needs to know.

Check it out.

And the time's a-comin' when this place ain't gonna get updated anymore. Adjusted your bookmarks yet? Your Feedburner/RSS service? Hmm? No? Whatcha waitin' for, Willis?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Didja Miss the Memo?

There's a couple new postings over at Smut & Steff. Whatcha doing HERE and not THERE anyhow? Sillies.

The first, yesterday's, is potentially a downer, but something I think needs to get talked about more often. I wrote about my experiences walking in on my mother attempting suicide, and I spoke of how important it is to not keep some secrets.

The second is from tonight, where I've written about the importance of communication... again. I'll say it till I'm blue in the face, because, until the shame of talking about sex is gone, bad sex is gonna keep on happening. And that's bloody intolerable! Bad sex? NYET. Not on my watch!

Go, now. Shoo. Vamoose. Click here. C'mon. Ya know ya wanna. In case you TOTALLY missed the memo... this blog's now an archive. ALL NEW POSTINGS WILL BE AT SMUT AND STEFF. ADJUST YOUR BOOKMARKS and shit, eh? :) Thanks! (Seriously!)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just gotten a glowing review from the incredible Jane's Guide. I feel like a proud mama! Woot!

They said:
This journal is sort of a combination of personal diary entries and how-to articles related to sex. Steff is a confident woman that approaches sexuality in a pragmatic and mature fashion, but doesn't let that lead to a lot of stuffy language. Some of the most worthwhile advice I've ever seen about being a good lover is here, "Being a good lover is: A) Knowing what you like, dislike, and love. B) Knowing how to express your needs. C) Being open-minded without compromising yourself, whatever that might mean for you. D) Not judging your lover’s desires, but being true to yourself so you’re not going to resent them after the fact." Great advice! She has many other articles with titles like "Kissing: Oh So Telling" and "Bondage for Beginners". I recommend this one wholeheartedly! - Vamp
This has been a great start to my day!!

Now, if you're coming here by way of Jane's and Vamp, please note that I'm just in transition and all my postings (except the "lesser" archives) are getting transferred to their new home at my new site -- This site's going nowhere, though. Please add S&S to your bookmarks as that's where all my new postings will be showing up.

Also, I'll soon be launching a new podcast, too. So keep an eye out for that.

Tee hee... I'm a happy girl. I've been trying to get Jane's to review me for a while. Thanks, Vamp!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sugasm #50

Welcome to my headache. I'm transferring all my "best of" posts to the Smut site, so if you're being redirected, don't freak out. Advertisers care about hit counts, so, I'm being pragmatic and putting my archives where it counts: in the future, and not my past.

So, no worries, everything will be preserved. You can still delve into my dirty past. I think I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the mountain's getting climbed. Meanwhile, this is the most recent Sugasm for ya.

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The Ugly Side of E-Dating

There's a new posting on Smut and Steff. Go find out about some of the dickheads responding to my Craigslist ad. If only I wasn't so nice and had the lack of scruples that would allow me to expose them. But, sadly, ethics get in the way of that.

WHY must I be born Catholic? WHY must guilt be as prominent a part of me as my social insurance number? Yeesh.

Go this way, Frodo.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Craigslist Experiment... Steff Style

So, it's official. My hat is back in the ring. I posted a personal ad today. You can read all about it on Smut and Steff.

Just a Few of My Firsts: Part the Second.

Hey, boys and girl. I'm a bad blogger and didn't put a pointer up here for the second part of my firsts, which was posted at Smut & Steff yesterday. Here's the link for ya. It's getting dirty.

Part three will be up early next week. I'll break up the mix a little with some other kind of posting likely tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a good weekend. I'm off to see the Gomez concert tonight, so a little steam will be blown and fun will be had.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just a Few of My Firsts: Part 1

If you've missed the bulletin, I have a new blog which is due to be replacing this one. Please update your links accordingly -- it's much appreciated. It's found at Most of the content from here will gradually be moved over to there. It'll take a while, though. (If anyone's written a program to simplify the chore, let me know... there's about 400 posts!)

For the time being, I'm shadow posting here. I'll tell you what I've written, and send you over there. One day, that'll stop. So, update your links and bookmarks, and know that I love you so for it. Thanks!

The latest posting over there is part one in a series I'm calling Just a Few of My Firsts. In it, I'll share some details about first kisses, first fucks, first flings, and more. We're starting off slow and letting things heat up. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


You can now subscribe to the new Smut & Steff RSS feed. Go there to do so.

(Hi, how's it goin?)