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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You Know You Want It!

Sorry, kids. I'm busy getting things ready to sell on eBay and it's taking a little longer than I would have expected, and now my brain is fried. Writing's essentially out of the question, unless I get drunk, ergo inspired. Come to think of it, I'm craving beer. (Newcastle Brown Ale is tonight's treat.)

I'm selling an odd mix, from a collectible advance reader's of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius to what I call the "porn pad" lamp. There's nothing sexual about the lamp; it's just that you'd expect to see it among shag rugs, red velvet (of which my fam had two sofas clothed in), and ebony cupid statues, that's all. And I was raised with that thing in the house, you know. (Explains a lot.) My thangs can be found here. Feel free to buy a little piece of me. Aside from this, it's all yer gettin' fer now, sweeties. You KNOW you want the lamp. Shit, everyone wants a big, heavy brass lamp with swans on it. We're all swans. It's symbolic of our inner-cum-outer beauty, and what's more, we're shining a light on it. (How do you know I've done drugs in the past? I see symbolism EVERYwhere.)

Oh, and if you really wish you could watch your old homemade sex Super-8 tapes from the '70s again, I'm selling a projector!

Yes. I am shameless.

(More to be added, including artwork and a 15-volume limited-edition set of American history books.)

The Age of Aids: On PBS Tonight!

Tonight is part two of a four-hour documentary on the AIDS crisis, as filmed by Frontline, on WTVS, the legendary Detroit PBS channel. I'm about to watch 90 minutes of the first two hours, having only realized its existence at 5 to 12 last night, during a Letterman commercial. [Sigh.] It looks brilliant, and I would encourage anyone to make plans to tape it [or TiVo, whatever]. It's all about its early rise in Africa to where we're at now -- and keep in mind, Africa's the canary in the coal mine, people. Check it out. (The link has a thingie you can watch to get a feel for the program.) And this is why I have cable.

"By the time the first case of AIDS was diagnosed in America, 250,000 Americans were infected. By the time the first case of AIDS was diagnosed in Africa, millions were infected. "

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Male Rape. It's Time to Talk About It.

So, here's a big, big topic.

I'm wondering if there are any men out there who've been raped by females? Can you drop me an email, if so, and tell me about it? How you felt, what happened, whether you've ever had the courage to come forward before about it, and if so, what the response was? I know, it's not something you likely want to do, but it's an important topic, no one writes about it, it happens, and it ought to be written about.

I do not reveal identities, and will not reveal yours. I will change anything in your story that might reveal who you are. It's anecdotal information, at best, but it's a topic that should certainly get more exposure. Don't you think it's time you voice it? My email's in the sidebar. Click, and go.

Just because you're a guy doesn't mean the violation of your rights or body is any less horrifying, even if it's by women.

Steff the Public Service Announcer

Okay, a couple of things. I'll get back to the orgasmic neighbours tonight or tomorrow, but there are more pressing things that need mentioning.

The first being a rare but possible cause of death resulting from blowing air into a woman's vagina. If you're doing oral or playing around, never, ever, ever blow air into a woman's vagina. This is not a sex myth. This is not a legend. This shit happens. The air bubble can cause an air embolism, which can then float up into the heart and essentially kill her. Not good. This condition is more likely if the woman has enlarged blood vessels resulting from pregnancy or past vaginal trauma. Since you don't know if she has these larger vessels, don't do dumb shit, and don't try to cause a "pussy fart." (During some sex moves, you'll hear strange air sounds happening, but I don't think that's anything to worry about; it's actively trying to "inflate" the woman that's an issue. Like I sez, rare, but it does happen, and it does occasionally cause death.) And really, while everyone thinks sex is probably the best way to go out with a bang, why rush it?

You can blow on a woman's vagina, and have fun doing so, as there seems to be no evidence of that ever causing problems. Just don't pucker up and treat her like she's a balloon at a kid's party, all right?

The second thing is, the annual UNAIDS report has been released. This report is released by the United Nations' AIDS organization and is essentially a "state of the union" report on AIDS internationally. You can find the massive, intimidating report here, which is a staggering 24MB PDF file in entirety, or you can select individual segments to read on the same URL there.

The important thing to note is that A) an increasing number of American gay men are apparently devolving and becoming STUPID FUCKHEADS because there is an increasing segment of them now engaging in unsafe sex practices because they think the dangers of HIV are somehow magically disappearing. And B) the number one cause of death in African-American women between the ages of 25-34 is now AIDS. The A-A woman is more likely to contract HIV than any other female race, and safe sex is imperative!

Safe sex is imperative whoever the hell you are. You and your partners need testing. You need to use a condom until you know you can trust your partner and you've both been tested. If you think they might fool around on you, insist on condoms. If you've ever witnessed any behaviour from them that makes you question their integrity and character, you may be risking your life by not using a condom.

Scared of hurting their pride? What, would you rather get a virus that will compromise your quality of life, threaten you with a potentially far shorter lifespan, and even make you fatally vulnerable to stupid things like the common cold? Get the fuck over yourself. Be vigilant. Condoms may kill moods, but AIDS kills you. Do the fucking math.

The CDC has a well-written and concise look at how HIV is transmitted, and if you're at all ignorant about AIDS or HIV, you should, at the very least, read this.

Out of all the diseases in the world you can catch, the one you can most easily avoid is HIV. Responsibility saves lives. Be safe when playing with others. A friend of a friend of mine contracted HIV last year and can actually pinpoint the exact encounter in which he caught it. What a horrible thing to have to live with, the knowledge of how stupid you were in a single moment in time, and how the rest of your life is changed as a result of it. Don't let that be you.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Q&A: Dear God, Stop That Already!

Every now and then I receive a doozy of an email that takes some real figurin’ to figure the hell out for the reader in question. This morning is the perfect example. I suspect the just-passed full moon might have something to do with it, but I digress. I think this may even have to be a two-part answer, for the first time ever. This is the second question in a week or so from a rocker type, and this one we’ll call Meatloaf. Now, Meatloaf sez:
See, my question is simple, however I feel it requires some explanation. I'm slowly starting to think I'm addicted to sex, or lust, rather. Not a bad thing, but it's getting outta hand. Whenever I don't have sex with my girlfriend, I'm masturbating to porn (not all the time, but about as much as my body can keep up with). I lust after most women without any effort, which is becoming the biggest part of my problem. We've recently moved to a new house and my next door neighbour is gorgeous, as is her next door neighbour. On itself not that much of an issue, but I can hear the girl right next door having sex - when I'm outside, that is, and since I can't smoke inside, I hear a lot.

I don't have to explain to you how angelic the moans of a woman reaching orgasm are. Shit, I've been to concerts of my favorite bands that didn't sound that good, and now I've got that sound ringing in my head all damn day. I can still do my job, but it takes more concentration than it used to. Anyway, I'm blowing testosterone out of my ears and my girlfriend is only human. Our sexlife is out to lunch anyway - a problem I may have caused myself and which I'll have to resolve myself, and I think I know of a way to begin doing that.

Which brings me to the actual question: Do you know of a way to suppress lust? Some kind of Buddhist Zen-thing. Staying away from porn is hard enough, but I really can't do anything about the pretty girls flocking around me (more than usual it seems). Or the other way around: How can I either jack up my girlfriend's libido, or get her subtly to read your website which I think will help with some of the hang-ups she's got. If I just say "Here, read this." you won't believe the grief I'll get.
So, methinks a nicotine patch and quitting smoking ain’t likely to do the trick. Pity. Wouldn’t that be great, an orgasm patch? Just slap one on, and there’s no need to be doing anymore slapping? Have orgasm, will travel? Lemme know when that one’s patented, all right? Approve THIS, FDA.

Hang-ups: what are those? Who has hang-ups? I don’t have hang-ups! Let’s start with those, though, and work our way backwards, all right?

Every chick has had or does have hang-ups. We’re hard-wired that way. Do you tell her she’s beautiful? When you do fuck, do you touch and kiss her everywhere? (The more of her landscape you travel, the more she’s likely to lower her guard.) Do you make a point of physically showing you want her from head to toe? When nothing else is happening, when you’re just wandering past her to get a glass of milk from the fridge, do you lightly trace a finger over her ass, or kiss her on the neck? Do you touch her waist and thighs as you’re watching television together? Do you nibble an ear at random?

Most guys don’t, so you’re not alone. The more often you communicate both in words and actions that she’s who gets you fired up, the more she’ll want to fulfill that role for you. Sexuality is a nebulous thing, and you need to enhance it for her.

She’s on the cusp, I suspect, of her 30s, which means her libido will soon start escalating. You want it NOW. So, you need to do a few things, including all of the above.

One, you need to communicate more. Chicks are emotionally fragile. We’re raised to be constantly self-conscious about our appearance, and as a result, our sex drives can be pretty fragile if we’re not feeling sexy. We’re also raised to differentiate between what “good” girls do and what “bad” girls do, and good girls ain’t fucking 24/7… or so the morality police would have us believe.

You’re in a difficult position. It’s also a chicken-or-the-egg scenario, in my mind. Were you sexually unfulfilled and the next door neighbour made it painfully obvious, or did your next door neighbour incite in you a desire to try new things? Who knows. Doesn’t much matter.

The thing is, you’re not sexually satisfied, whether your lover’s putting out or not, it seems. So, my thinking is, it’s time to change the rules of the game. She’s got hang-ups, you say, and is having a hard time moving past that. Well, what do you think your job is? It’s not all on you, not by a fucking long shot, but you can help get her to the next station in life, if only you play your cards right.

This needs at least one more part in order to get the answer right, and I’ve got a few ideas of different ways you can go.

First off, though, is the question of sex addiction, and I’ll refer you to an old posting of mine, in case you’re thinking you might want to try this avenue of getting past your focus issues. Check back tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel, for more on this conundrum. Weigh in if you wanna, kids.

Gimme Sugah! Sugasm #35 & Schtuff

Hi there, boys & girls. It's Monday, do you know where your pulse is?

I'm slowly coming around to the land of the living today. Feeling a little better, health's improving, getting some rest. It's nice to feel vaguely human for the first time in a couple weeks, to feel like something other than a grunt could be uttered when asked how I'm doing. Lovely!

I have a busy day filled of actual work, but I have something fun I plan to write on today, and... oh, hey, would you like to be teased? Betcha you would. Everyone loves a tease.

Well, I had this email sent by a guy who's being driven slowly mad by the sounds of his beautiful next door neighbour orgasming practically every time he's outside having a cigarette, since his girlfriend doesn't allow smoking in the house. His girlfriend doesn't really put out (my words, not his) as much as he'd like, and he's developing carpal tunnel from masturbating so damned much!

Naturally, he wrote to me in the hopes that I could share some of my otherworldly brilliance (snicker, right) to help him find a solution to his problems.

I guess quitting smoking and going on the patch won't do it, huh?

So, I'm gonna have fun turning that little dilemma around in my head today, and will get a little bit of wine and spend my night writing something that will probably be more on the side of funny than helpful, but let's hope I can kill two birds with one stone. In the meantime, you boys and girls can get your palms & fingers ready for action by reading the brilliance of all these lovely smuteurs included in this weekend's orgasmic samplings of the best sexy writing on the web. Check back late this evening and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a little sumthin'-sumthin' for you to delight yourself with.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pop Psychology: "The Little Things"

My Sunday mornings are something I greatly enjoy. Typically, it involves rolling out of bed sometime around 9 or later, then some lazy TV until I get up the energy to make a nice breakfast. Then, I’ll take my nice breakfast, my coffee, and settle in to watch one of my many movies (if nothing worthwhile’s on telly, and usually nothing is) until the urge to write has struck.

Guess which part of my morning I’m at now? Well, to my right sits too-strong coffee with a bit of milk, and in the VCR is one of my really old videotapes – An American Psycho. My breakfast was eggs scrambled with caramelized red onions and red peppers with sundried tomatoes and basil, and back bacon, and good toast. I’m pretty much in my happy place now. A shower eventually looms, and then a trip out into the world for a Solo Day of Fulfillment.

The movie, a psychological classic, has got me thinking. If you’ve never seen American Psycho, it’s a remarkable study of the psychosis of the Type-A serial killer, chillingly portrayed by Christian Bale. The writing is top-notch (as most of Bret Easton Ellis’ work tends to be) and the acting makes it pretty surprising that Christian Bale ever got another job after that movie, since he became the killer, which generally slays an actor’s commercial appeal. (Much like how accurately portraying Ted Bundy put Mark Harmon’s career in the toilet for a decade.)

As I said, the movie has me thinking. There’s the old cliché, “How well do we really know anyone?” Not very, not usually. We think we know people, but we tend to go on face-value more than any real criteria. There’s a segment at the beginning of the movie when Bale’s character, Patrick Bateman, goes on at length about his skincare regime. The inference is, his face is the only thing people have to go on, and its perfection is his façade, covering his whirlwind of anger, insecurities, and need for approval, all of which drives his merciless, brutal killing of women.

We find “love” by comparing likes. Ooh, we like the same movies, the same books, we have fun the same way, we laugh at the same jokes; it must be love!

The thing is, even the most stark-raving lunatic enjoys culture and movies and has favourite foods they can’t live without. Likes and interests are superficial, at best.

When it comes to people in my life, be it friends or family or lovers, I watch The Little Things. The insignificant things that we often brush aside are the greatest tells as to who and what the people around us are like. It doesn’t take me long to assess a person’s character, and it tends to make me fiercely loyal when I see them behave in respectful, goodly ways.

Ignore the big picture and turn on the macro lens. Do they respect people providing them service in stores and establishments? Do they come to the aid of someone in need? Are they helpful when someone asks them for info on the street? Can they chat amiably with a perfect stranger? Do they ensure they’re including you in conversations with friends? Do they arrive on time, or let you know when they’re going to be late? Do they drive aggressively, tail-gating every car they come upon?

You get the picture. I’m not saying a person should be dumped for any of the above transgressions, but you sure as hell ought to be taking note of it. For instance, one could assume that I have a very quick temper by the way I get so snappish when riding my scooter, or one could at least assume I’m very quick to get on the defensive. And they’d be right. It’s true, I get very defensive. It’s one of my worst qualities. It also speaks to the fact that I’m a perfectionist who overthinks things, so when someone begins to point out a flaw or an error on my part, I might well put up a wall to protect myself. I know this to be my character weakness, and I at least have the guts to own up to it with those around me. It doesn’t make the flaw go away, but at least I’m accountable about it. As flaws go, it could be worse, but it’s still a character flaw.

I’m forever astounded, though, by people who seem to blatantly ignore endless flaws and attitude problems in partners, all because they have ‘so much in common.’

So many of us hide a great deal of who we are. We’re fools if we fail to suspect others might be doing the same. We have insecurities, fears, hatreds, weaknesses, and they all combine for a lethal cocktail at times. How we behave in the Little Moments is indicative of our character at its deepest levels. Yes, we have flaws, but are we inherently good and kind people? Look deeper than the surface. Our daily insignificant actions are the only true evidence we provide – the things we do so naturally that we don’t even think before we act. These are the moments when who we are comes through, and those are the moments to take note of who’s at heart of the person you think you know.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


You can read my archives as much as you like. All is well now! Thanks to those who tried helping me --Rob & Haaaaaa -- you guys rock.

All I had to do was add a new line of coding in the [head] section -- [base href="<$BlogURL$>"]. This restored the dynamic linking. Woo!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Revisiting: "You Can Make Me Come, But..."

I’ve not been in my right mind this week, literally. So, I’m about to do something I don’t often do, which is to qualify and revisit an opinion piece; the one I posted in response to an anonymous question yesterday.

I'm human and flawed at the best of times, but this week I’ve been plagued with migraines, sleeplessness, and a few other symptoms as a result of an acute sinus infection. I’m beginning to get well, thank god, but it’s made me irritable, angry, unpleasant, and really, really bleak for the last few days, and I think it’s been showing a little too readily in some of my writing, and in this piece in particular.

First off, I’m not doing a 180 here, okay? The reader asked if I thought she was a hypocrite for doing everything but sex. No, not for that reason. I think honesty’s the most important facet of any relationship – be it with a parent, lover, friend…honesty’s EVERYTHING.

If you’re not sleeping with someone because you’re nervous, because you think you want to wait, or whatever your flavour is, then be honest. Say that sex is a really, really huge step for you, and you make no promises, and you may even wait until marriage, but that you really don’t know what your sexual future holds for now, and they can’t have any expectations of it, no matter how much you might be enjoying playing with them as you head down the road together. And if it’s confusing for them, tell them it’s far more confusing for you, because you know that’s the truth.

Don’t take the easy way out, don’t choose some simple pat answer like, “I’m waiting until marriage,” when you know deep down inside that’s not what it’s about.

Besides, you’re selling a lot of guys short. No, they may well not wait until marriage, because marriage is a huge, huge thing, but they might wait one hell of a long time for you, and you’re not giving them that opportunity to honestly consider what it is they would or wouldn’t do for you.

It’s such a hard topic, that of when sex is the right move to make. I have no qualms with abstinence until marriage, but whatever the reasons you’re choosing not to have sex, you need to be honest about them. You need to be honest about every aspect of your life, and I truly believe that.

Honesty shouldn’t be some lost virtue, or something we pull out when it’s convenient to us. It’s hard to be honest about our fears and our emotions, and sometimes being honest about them leads to hard places and difficult roads to travel because it can be so damned confusing to admit what lies behind our poker faces, but the cliché of it being the best policy is true for a reason.

It’s only through that honesty with each other that we can face challenges and adversities. If you’re being dishonest, even about something that’s “kind of” true, like waiting for the right person, you’re setting the groundwork for yourself to tell little white lies when it makes things a little easier for you to process.

I disagree with that to the very core of who I am.

Did I handle the question well? No. I’ve been in a really dark place this week and I’ve not been comfortable facing it. I’ve been dealing with things somewhat passive-aggressively, it turns out, and while I have reasoning for it, it doesn’t really excuse it.

And while you have reasoning for stretching the truth, it never excuses it, either. These are the simple truisms behind living a good life, and you are trying to choose how you want to live. Don’t commit one transgression to stave off another. Clearly, by asking the question as you did, you’re already somewhat uncomfortable with how you’re handling the situation, so maybe it’s time to reconsider.

As for abstinence – feeling guilty about it, questioning it… Abstinence is a hard, hard road to choose. You’ll have weak moments. You’ll feel pressured. You’ll feel like you’re alone in a big, sexy world. And if abstinence is really important to you, then you need to be strong and hold your position. Don’t compromise just because of all those pressures out there in that big, scary world. Do it when it’s right for you, because it’s not something you’ll ever get a chance to revisit.

Personally, I thought I waited for the right guy. In the end, we stayed together too long because I didn’t want to admit he wasn’t the right one after all. You need to be aware that waiting for rightness doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made the right choice, and it may still go wrong, and you may eventually realize you made a mistake, and if/when that should happen, you can’t hold it against yourself. The majority of our relationships are bound to end, and many of those will end badly, and that’s why they say that all is fair in love and war; because sometimes love is war. Sometimes it’s wrong. So, if you’re holding out, be realistic, and know that your intentions are what counts, not the end result of your actions… if that makes any sense.

Anyhow. I wanted to edit that piece as soon as I posted it, but my mindset had gone to a darker place and I couldn’t conjure the genuine sentiment I needed to do the job right. I hope I have now. For whatever it’s worth, sorry it was harsh. I still agree with some of what I said, but I wish I’d said it better.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Q&A: "You Can Make Me Come, But We Can't Fuck"

I was sent the following question in a comment this morning, and yes, they were right, it is an interesting topic to write about. Time’s not on my side today, so this is a quick take on the question… a question that could unleash some interesting discussion, and I hope it does.
I decided that I want to wait until marriage to have sex, but I'm still a chronic masturbator and ok with doing stuff with guys that doesn't involve penis-in-vagina sex. I guess I just don't really trust anyone enough to go "all the way" with them. Do you think I'm a hypocrite?
You want the short answer? Yep, I do think you’re a hypocrite, more or less. Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

There is nothing that makes me snicker more than religious types (which I don’t know if you are one or not) who tell me they’re abstaining from sex until marriage, but that they’ve done nearly everything except things involving penetration.

It’s the same reason why Bill Clinton was lambasted for claiming he “did not have sexual relations with that woman!” I mean, come on. You’ll get them off, they’ll get you off, but when it comes to insertion, you’re gonna play the morality card? What the fuck is that?

Oral sex, manually-induced orgasms, it’s all intimacy, and it’s all banned off primetime TV, all right? It ain’t for the kiddies and the after-school special, y’know?

If you’re not comfortable having sex for one reason or another, fine, but be honest about why you’re not. Don’t claim you’re some sanctimonious person waiting for the right person or whatever. Admit that you’re scared. Admit you have trust issues (which you have done here).

It’s all right be to scared, but don’t cover it up with some vow of chastity. Don’t run from the situation just because you haven’t got the sack to ante up and face it. I think it’s dishonest to be chronically masturbating, allowing men to get you off, trading favours, but then claiming you’re “abstaining” from sex. Why? What’s the point? You’re already doing all the intimate things a person can do. You’re already investing in carnal pleasures. You’re already sinning in the eyes of most religions.

It’s the sexual equivalent of someone being issued a restraining order for not going within 100 metres of X person/place, and instead of just staying the fuck away, they stand day in and day out at a distance of 101 metres, toying with the allowed limits. How is that possibly honouring the spirit of the situation? It’s not. It’s a crock, is what it is.

I could be all nice and say, “Oh, I understand the ambivalence of not having sex,” and all that, but honestly, you’re already feeling guilty and like you’re breaking some code, or else YOU wouldn’t have asked if you’re being a hypocrite. If you have to ask, then you are. Pretty simple.

If you were abstaining from sex and not letting men finger you, not masturbating, not exploring oral, then you would not be a hypocrite.

But, you, honey, are a hypocrite, any way you slice it. I’m sorry if the truth hurts, but it is what it is.

You’re scared of intimacy, you’re hoping like hell you’re being Just Good Enough to be virtuous, and you know, deep down inside, that you wish you could be fucked silly, but you don’t have the courage or the backbone to go there, because you’re scared that once you give them what they’re really wanting, that they’ll walk right on out on you.

And maybe, just maybe, they will. And maybe, just maybe, those fears are valid.

When it comes to morality, religion doesn’t tend to offer shades of grey. Things are sins, or they are not, and you don’t get to have the decoder ring to decide just how much of one particular action equates a sin. It doesn’t work that way. So, if you’re toying with it anyhow, why not just fucking buy the full-meal deal and get on with it? You’ve not started to go up in flames with the fires of Hell licking all around you yet, so what are you so scared of?

Again, I don’t know if religion plays a part in your decision, so the “you” in regards to anything religious is rhetorical, not specifically YOU.

I just wish people were more honest about their actions, and this duplicitous “well, you can get me off, but you can’t come inside of me” behaviour is symptomatic of all the hypocrisy that surrounds us. I grow tired of it, that’s all.

(Feeling that I may have sounded a little harsh in this post, I decided to revisit it, as I know there are some "virgins" out there who are trepidatious about their sexuality, and I don't want to add too much fuel to that fire. Check out my second take here.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sex Bites

Hey, folks. My productivity’s down a little mainly because I’ve been sleeping like crap of late. Up here in Canada, when the sun rises at this time of year, it’s barely even 5am. Hell, I can remember being a kid and sleeping on a beach and watching the sun rise before 4am. I can’t even tell you how hard it was to sleep in the Yukon, my year I spent up there, when the sun would set at 1am and rise at 2am. I tin-foiled the windows, and I’m about five minutes away from doing that now, I swear to god.

With no sleep, I just can’t think clearly and I’m not as, well, fun as I normally tend to be. Life’s going all right, a couple good things are on the go, but I’m just bone-tired. And I hate to say it, but when I’m not getting many comments, my interest in writing wanes. Right now, comments are low and I think it’s just part of the season and it being a holiday week, etc. Whatever.

Here’s an assortment of quickie pieces.

A sex theme park is set to open later on this year. “Amora: The Academy of Sex and Relationships” will contain exhibits that focus on improving sexual relationships and enhance people’s loving abilities.

There’ll be life-sized silicone models on which visitors can examine erogenous zones, and more.

Beats the shit out of Madame Tussaud’s, huh?


Thank god for equality. We’ve all heard of “sex tourists,” be they the pedophiles touring Cambodia for underaged girls, or college students trolling Thailand for Mai-Tais and anonymous sex. Now there’s a destination for women who want to find good, sexy young black men for their fuck-fests.

Dial up your travel agents, ladies. Gambia’s open for business.

Let’s just say that when you’re traveling there, pack some condoms, and make sure you grab a couple boxes of the Trojan XXLs.

I’m somewhat torn on the subject of prostitution. I fucking hate the duality of public perception on the subject, that’s for sure. Here in Vancouver, the lower-class prostitutes who work the street are still reeling from a campaign of terror that lasted years and years, in which more than five dozen hookers went missing off the streets. Some 27 deaths have been charged to one man, Robert “Willy” Pickton, who owned a rural pig farm and would lure the women out for promises of parties and copious drugs. The women’s corpses were fed to the pigs, and the search for evidence on that farm has been the largest ever crime scene in Canada. (It's suspected that Pickton was responsible for all the deaths, but finding DNA evidence of crimes to charge the man with is almost laughable, considering the very needle-in-a-haystack odds of finding a tooth or a bone or something on acres and acres of farmland.)

Paying for sex has been something we’ve had institutionalized in society for as long as mankind has walked the earth. From sex slaves in Ancient Rome and Egypt to hookers trolling the streets in England, pussy and cock have always been for sale, and always will be.

I’d like to see prostitution legalized simply because many of the streetwalkers are women with no other options open to them. For one reason or another, they’ve fallen into that life. Arresting them and imprisoning them is simply a means of perpetuating that cycle of need and abuse. Take a woman in that situation and give her a record? Yeah, that’ll solve the problem.

Yet there are high-class “escorts” (let’s call a spade a fucking spade, all right?) who seem to buck the system, who get away with fucking advertising in papers for their services, and yet nothing happens to them. Why does money and class dictate legality? Such hypocrisy.

A whore’s a whore, and that’s the way it goes. If money is exchanged for sexual services, then that constitutes ‘whoring,’ whether you want to get all pedantic and argue the negatives of the word or not, it’s what whoring is. And don't give me shit if you don't like the word "whore," because semantics isn't an argument I'm willing to engage in. Use a dictionary, people. Why is one type of sex-for-sale ignored, and one victimized? It’s unfair.

Legalize it all, I say. Let’s get off our fucking high-horses and accept that sex will always be bought and sold, and it’s up to us to decide if women deserve to do it in safety. Considering AIDS and other medical threats, I’d say it’s about time we open our eyes to logic.

Stay the hell out of Philadelphia, men. The city of brotherly love ain't getting much assistance from the sisters, man.

First, Loreena Bobbit. Now, Monica Randolph. This woman pounced on her husband in the dead of night, and using no weapons, dug her fingernails into his gonad and tried to rip his balls off with her own hands.
Howard Randolph said his wife tore "everything out of the sac and all the skin away."

Just the thought triggers most men to hunch over and wince, but Randolph said he felt "fine" yesterday thanks to the morphine that doctors administered.

Monica Randolph told arresting officers that she had attacked her husband because he was cheating on her. But her husband denied having any affairs. He remains mystified as to his wife's motive and demanded that she receive a stiff punishment.

He didn't see the attack coming. He said he went to bed about 8 p.m. and hadn't argued with his wife.

"She'll probably blame her mental illness," he said. "She's bipolar, and she doesn't take her meds."
What else do I have to say? Poor son of a bitch. She’s been charged with aggravated assault, needless to say.

Chicks like this make chicks like me disgusted. Jesus Christ. I hate loopy women. One of these days, I’m gonna write me a rant on some women, actually. I’m a total feminist, but some of this crap that some of these ass-backwards chicks seem to justify really, really pisses me off. This is totally insane. Wow. (Oh, and naturally there are dickhead men, too, but that’s stating the obvious, and whenever a guy writes a rant about nutbag chicks, he’s slagged as a sexist, so I figure I ought to step up to the plate, y’know?)

I think they’re putting something in that Philadelphia water, people. Yeesh.

Oh, but get this:
Meanwhile, neighbors were left to speculate on explanations for the attack.

"She got to be crazy," said Dionne Martin, 18, who basked in the spring sunshine on friend Rochelle Odd's porch steps.

Odd, 21, agreed: "That woman was crazy, but I'm on her side. I don't think no guy deserves to have his balls ripped off. But she's got to be deep in love - that's what would make a woman do this. If they was together all those years and he cheated on her, she wanted him to feel what she was feeling. There's a lesson to be learned here: Don't cheat on your woman."
"Odd" supports the nutsack-attack, it seems. C'mon! "Deep in love?" Deep insane, is what I think. Nothing justifies violence. Nada, nyet, zip, zilch, zero. Get counselling. Get a divorce. Sue 'em for all they're worth. Don't attack people, because then you're just going to pay a price for something you were already victimized for before the fact -- vengeance is a good way to find yourself behind bars. How dumb can people get? Jesus.

The guy's probably a complete prick and deserved something happening, considering how calm and cool he's pretending to be about all this, but I think his wife has screws loose and could've handled things far better, to say the least.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

School Me, Babe: Relationship Education

Had I actually been a guest on Sex with Emily last Saturday night as planned, question number one from them was, “Why is your blog so popular?” Why, indeed?

If I had to say why I wish my blog was as popular as it’s proving to be, I’d say it’s because I’d like to think I’m real. But that's a pat little answer, isn't it?

The thing about sex writing is, it’s so easy, in theory, to write about dripping, hard cocks, about the fury and the fumbling of two people coming together in sexual union – the passion, the intensity, the fun, the excitement. The pulsing of hearts, the throbbing of members, the vaginal swelling… we’ve all experienced these things, we’ve all been on both the receiving and giving ends of pleasure, and so it’s easy to relate to when we read about others’ experiences. And if it’s not something we actually can relate to, then it’s something we live vicariously through.

Not a lot of sex writers try to tackle the emotional content under it all, though, and the ones who do tend to inspire more loyalty from their readers. I tend to focus more on the emotional aspect of it – not just the emotions we show, but those we hide. Perhaps this is why y’all dig me. Or maybe it’s my irreverence, or my honesty about my own insecurities and desires and fears and dreams. Who knows. But these are the reasons I would like to believe my blog is popular.

And it’s something I thought about when I saw this “breaking” news on the BBC site. Apparently kids find sex education classes too biological. Gee. Really?

They’re right. It is far too biological. Everything about sex originates in one place: the brain. The brain powers our emotional response, spurs our physical response, and then our juices flow, action proceeds to happen (or not), and the rest is messy history.

Funny enough, in England, the biology of sex is a mandatory class, but “personal social and health education” is optional at the institutions doing the teaching. This latter course brings education about relationship and emotional health into play.

I must have missed the memo where relationships and emotional health were optional in my own life.

In a time when divorce is the norm, moreso than happy marriages, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the ways in which we approach relationships. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that the psychology/self-help departments of bookstores are the most popular non-fiction sections for a very good reason: We’re all so fucking clueless about how to deal not only with our own problems but any of the problems that might arise in our relationships.

I have a history of running from relationships when things get tough, which is why I’m stunned I’m even hanging around my present relationship at all, considering all the life-induced chaos within it. My first running-from-adversity relationship happened with yet another in my long string of lovers named “J,” my first real boyfriend. He fell, and he fell hard. He wrote me songs, played his guitar for me, and felt like the king of the town whenever I was around. I dumped him as soon as I saw that a divorce was imminent with my parents. I never told him why I was fucked up because I was too ashamed to admit my parents’ failure, and more ashamed to admit that I was weak emotionally.

I pulled the “but we can still be friends” bullshit and instead learned what it felt like to break someone’s heart. The guy fell apart and wrote a “you tore my heart to shreds” song for me, handed it to my friend who I blog about as “Zsa-Zsa”, and within the week, stole a car, got arrested, and then never, ever spoke to me again.

Maybe if I’d had a better emotional upbringing I wouldn’t have fucked J-the-First up as much as I apparently had. Who knows. I do know that I didn’t have a clue how to open up, how to trust, or how to react when the fit hit the shan. Instead, I’ve spent the better part of two decades slowly learning these lessons through bump-in-the-night, daytime talk shows, and brief flirtations with both self-help books and actual therapy.

And I’m not an exception, I’m the norm. Isn’t it time we change that?

As for "sex education," it's really a misnomer. I know that nothing I've ever had to deal with was taught to me by anyone with any authority. I learned through necessity.

I’ve had the fear of a condom breaking with a boyfriend before the age of 20, having to stroll self-consciously into a Free Clinic in order to get a morning-after pill, something I’ve had to take three times in my life. I once was so freaked out I was pregnant that I remember doing a pregnancy test ASAP after purchasing it – in the bathroom of a Subway sandwich shop. I never learned about the possible negatives of birth control pills until the last few years, because I was already so fucked up in so many ways that it just never dawned on me that my depression must have been exasperated by pill usage.

In short, everything I’ve ever learned about sex has come as a result of a need-to-know, and-now education, not before-the-fact. It has been a hard road getting to the place I’m at now, considering I was raised by sexually ignorant parents who weren’t comfortable talking about sex, and schooled by a high school that didn’t teach sex ed. Of my friends, I was one of the first to get laid, even though I was 17, and none of us ever talked about sex. When I lost my cherry, my only education was that provided by television and movies. I had no idea why the hell there was a wet spot, and it scared the crap out of me.

I didn’t understand all the emotions that came with sex, and I didn’t understand that a kiss was just a kiss, not an undying declaration of love. I wasn’t hurt by love; I was destroyed by it, and all because I was ignorant of the power relationships could have over us.

Teaching us the biology of sex does little to prepare us for the emotional overload that comes from relationships. Teaching us about human relationships and the dynamics of emotional response would far better prepare us for life and love, and it’s damned well time schools began to embrace that reality.

In the final paragraph of the article I’ve cited, some talking head spouts this sentiment: "We trust teachers to use their professional judgement to decide which organisations can support teaching and learning in the classroom and which resources best support schools' sex and relationship programmes."

Jesus. Let’s not trust the teachers, okay? Let’s convene some people in-the-know to talk about what needs to be learned by kids today, and then create a program that includes all those essential facets, so as to stem relationship problems, improve self-esteem, and build emotional resilience. Violence in schools is greater than ever, bullying is at an all-time high, and divorces are skyrocketing. Isn’t it time we learn about emotional health as part of our curriculum? 'Cos we're clearly fucked without it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mainline Me, Baby!

Oh, YEAH, that's what I'm talking about!

My internet was down all the damned day -- and television cable, too! Didja miss me? Don't answer that, I know you did.

On the upside, I kept myself busy. I masturbated twice. Yep, twice. (A busy day used to take two hands to count, but I'm happy to double-dip, considering the last posting and my confession of reduced sex drive and sexual sensitivity and all.)

I cleaned up nice (me and the apartment, that is) and got in a walk or two. Swore non-stop at my computer while waiting for the Incompetents at the Cable Co. (Shaw) to fix my 'net.

And then I got my internet back up! Hurrah! Nothing like mainlining the information superhighway, right?

And with the 'net recharging my fix needs, I got some nice emails! One I just have to share with you even though I've not gotten permission from the reader to divulge this. Fuck permission. This is important!

"Jimi," the poor bastard whose gal took a vow to stop slappin' salamis and shagging herself silly if the good lord would let her father live, has been getting laid six ways to Sunday ever since he sent off the email.

She's insatiable, all of a sudden, it seems, and HE has rediscovered his belief in the divine as a result of becoming her latest sex toy non-pareil!

We have no evidence that she reads this little bloggie, but geez, the timing's coinkydinky, don't you thinky?

If me and my lowly blog have in fact played any kind of role in Jimi getting shagged senseless and left gasping, then I am pleased to have done yet another noble service for mankind.

Yes, you heard it here first: Making the world a better place, one orgasm at a time.

Let this be a lesson to all the women not giving their men the shaggings they so desperately want to be getting: When you leave your man gasping, you'll have him at your whim. Such a lovely place to have them. And really, the shagging's good for everyone. Sex does a body good. Clench those abs, thrust, and smile, girls. Skip the gym and work your man instead.


About the boldly coloured new ad for my store over there in the sidebar: The store still looks like shit, is badly organized, and needs many new photographs uploaded to it. But I'll be working on that in the next week or so. For those who can't get away with wearing shirts that say things like "I'm here about the blowjob," but want to prevent me from looking for an actual job and having to work for The Man again, you can buy my original photography, instead. Here's an example, Vancouver's Granville Street Bridge, which I took this spring.

READER SAYS: My Sex Drive’s Out of Gear

First things: Here’s where I remind you people that I’m not a doctor. I have no degrees in any medical or scientific discipline. I’m schooled in common sense and street smarts, and that’s it. In more blunt terms? Take my words for what they’re worth – an interested party offering an opinion, nothing more. In other words? I’m not liable.

All right, so, a reader emailed me. When she hooked up with this guy, it was all sex, all the time. Playtime was gold, and she couldn’t get enough. And then? Nothing.

Suddenly, she’s got zero sex drive. As she says, I am 100% uninterested. It is absolutely uncanny. I have no desire - not towards him, or ANYONE, male or female. If I even wanted to cheat right now, I wouldn't be able. I used to be this voracious sex creature, all my life - and now, I'm just a sexless zombie. I was on The Pill for a while but I was certain it was fucking up my natural "sexy" hormones, so I stopped about 2 months ago in favor of condoms, basal thermometers, herbs, and moon cycles, which has in fact made me feel a lot better--- just NOT SEXY!!!

So, then her question is, What I need to know is, how can I transform myself back into the hormonal sex-on-the-brain tigress I used to be?

Oh, here. Let me just wave my magic wand. POOF. There, that should do it! Oh, it didn’t work? Damn.

The thing about feeling sexy is, it tends to be an indicator of all the other things going on in your life. More on that in a minute. The problem with having that “I’m too sexy for this shirt” feeling dissipating on you is, we’re surrounded by sexuality all the time. The media tells us we have to be beautiful. Society tells us constantly that they judge our books by our covers. Our relationships are supposed to be value-rated by how hot the sex is. The pharmaceutical companies have gotten in on the act with Viagra and Cialis and all those other fun little drugs so we can be sex gods for all the wrong reasons.

The little dark secret that no one wants to talk about is that feeling sexual can go up in smoke pretty fucking fast. There isn’t one thing that could be causing your problems, it’s many.
  • Fatigue (overwork, lack of sleep)
  • Depression (seasonal moods, moodiness)
  • Diet (lack of iron, lack of protein, etc)
  • Underlying relationship problems
  • Worries (money, school, future, life)
  • Fitness (not enough cardio, etc)
And more. Let’s look at your specifics then.

Your relationship has changed for a number of reasons. Your guy’s in a new job that leaves him being less of the guy you used to know – a guy who was creative and passionate and now is a guy in front of a computer, doing a draining and uninspired job.

You were on birth control, something that is well known for affecting sexual sensitivity as well as sex drive. But you fucked up, honey. You went all knee-jerk and stopped taking the pill smack-dab in the middle of your cycle, and you had NO medical consultation before doing so. For anyone else thinking of this: Don’t. Stopping the pill in the middle of your cycle is borderline dumb, because it’ll fuck up your cycle, but worse, it’ll really mess with your hormones. Unfortunately, many chicks don’t know this because the medical information that comes with pills is written in fucking medical/legal-ese.

Pills really do a number on us. Guys will never, ever understand how much pills can fuck us up until we decide to be cruel and shoot them up with estrogen overloads. Here’s an example from my own life, all right?

I started my cycle a day late back in January. It’s five months later and my period has still not returned to normal. I changed it by a SINGLE DAY, and I’m still paying the price. The medical professionals say, “Oh, it takes three months for your system to get back on track.” Know what that’s called? The lowest common denominator. They take all the data from all the chicks who’ve gone awry on their cycle, and they find average length of recovery, and that’s the magic number. Trouble is, every number has exceptions. Hi, I’m Steff, and I’ll be your exception.

No matter what else you talk to your doctor about, you need to tell him/her you did this. Go and ask what it may have done to you. The trouble is, doctors don’t tend to believe too much in pills causing depression and things like that. My doctor was sort of disbelieving when I said I was depressed by way of my pills last fall. Gradually, he came to understand it had to be the case. Since then, I’ve been trying different pills, but I’m still less sexually sensitive than I was, and my sex drive is lower.

You say you don’t eat a lot of meat, and you’re really healthy diet-wise, and maybe you don’t spend enough time with yourself, and perhaps you’re antsy about your future, and all of that. Hell, you even say your relationship has changed because your guy’s not the same. That could do it right there.

Well, sexy comes from caring for ourselves and putting ourselves first – not relying on others’ perceptions of us. We need to exercise, take the time to make ourselves look nice, spend quality time alone, and show ourselves the respect we deserve. Somebody wanting us seems like it should make us feel sexy, but it just doesn’t work that way. We can’t rely on outward situations to provide us with our sexuality. It comes from within.

You’re obsessing about it because it’s something you can’t understand and can’t get to the bottom of. That’s not helping. That’s like guys who worry about whether they’re going to get hard and be able to perform – it exacerbates the problem. But how do you get out of your head?

Talk to someone, and by “someone,” I don’t mean some faceless chick half-way across the country, on the internet. I mean a doctor or therapist and see where it’s going.

The trouble is, not all doctors will see “not feeling sexy” as a medical issue. I think it is. I think you’ve got things going on in the background that are figuring into the equation. Worse, I think quitting the pills cold turkey has probably done quite the number on your hormones, the fall-out of which might take a little while longer to reset itself because you’re so young and hormones aren’t exactly on your side these days anyhow.

The long and the short of it is, this isn’t something you should be fucking around with on your own to solve. Talk to someone and see if there’s possibly something underlying that’s causing it. Spend some more time alone doing things you love, and make fitness a priority. Get sexy for you, not for him, and value how it feels for yourself, not because it’s rejuvenating your relationship.

As women, we tend to forget ourselves in relationships, and the effects of that (especially combined with estrogen upheavals like pill neglect) can be pretty profound on our self-images.

The thing is, we’re lied to. We’re told that getting into relationships is how to feel complete, how to become whole. A lot of the time, though, the relationships we choose are wrong for us, and the result is, the relationships make us less whole.

Sometimes it’s just life doing a number on us, and we want to blame our relationship so we don’t have to face life.

It’s complicated. Herbs and supplements and all that shit are likely not going to solve your conundrum. The IMPORTANT THING to remember is, it’ll work out. You’ll come back to yourself, you’re just taking the long way of doing so. And when things do come back to normalcy, remember, the best sex is still to come, ‘cos sex improves like all hell when you hit your late 20s and 30s, girlie.

Good luck with that. Anyone able to offer personal insight in this situation? Thanks.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yawnday & the Sugasm #34

Sleep... I recall what it felt like. To rest, to dream. The last time I was sleeping deeply was about five days ago, give or take. I awoke with a start when I had a nightmare about someone I used to be friends with, who, in the dream, had taken to life as a junkie on the streets. Ah, the subconscious - what a bitch. Sleep has eluded me since.

I tend to be overly analytical about my life; I obsess about my needs and what has to get done, and it can interfere with sleep. Right now, though, I think it's just the season. Sun's up at 5am, and I'm up by the time it's peaked over the apartment building across the way. I've got a big-assed black blanket over my window now, and hope tonight is gold.

Given my extreme sleeplessness this week, and that Thursday night was my worst, with two hours sleep, my Friday morning post probably sounds more cynical than it maybe should have been. Guy and I are taking time, things are worth trying to get back to good times, and I think there's enough foundation laid that it may well come to be that way. Not to worry, just too soon to judge.

So, I'm in desperate need of sleep. Long weekends suck for web traffic, and my hits are abysmal, my stats are a laugh, and working to post fresh material in the midst of that is a waste of time right now. I'll be back with something decent sometime Monday.

Meanwhile, here's some fodder for y'all.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006


All the fucking hype, and then I discover their fucking phone number doesn't work from Canada!

Due to technical problems, they couldn't call me. We're apparently gonna try again next week or some other time, for a longer interview this time, through the 'net. Sigh!

Sorry about the hype, folks. I tried, man, I tried! Hell, I even FLOSSED for the phone call. Jesus! Damn you, Cosmos! Grr!

And now I'm too wired on caffeine to sleep and I have a yard sale at 8am. How fun!

Oh, well. Life's hilarious sometimes. Fucking lucky socks... You let me down, socks. (I'm a little choked, but I'm also amused, and in a weird way, relieved. I think I would rather have a little more prep time -- and promo time, oddly.)

Well. Bathtime for this girlie, then. Yeesh. Odd life!

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

for some reason, i'm shift-challenged, and it took me four tries to type the title, so to hell with capitalization!

in an hour, i'll be on the radio. ooh. shpooky. it's a little nerve-wracking. i thought i'd post a quickie since i'm waiting for my french press coffee to cool down. i'm too old to have caffeine this late at night. (i don't drink cola more than a few times a year, and coffee i never have past about three.) but i figure with the little sleep i've had this week, i need it for the show. and since i've had so little sleep, what's another fitful night anyhow?

i am very happy to report, though, that i've done it... i've found my lucky socks. yep. for the first time in about three months, they're on my feet. things can't possibly go wrong now.

ha. no, the socks are a comfort thing. like chicken pot pie or something. just hits the spot. i got the questions in advance, so i'm not going to be all freaked out. i'm a bit weirded out by the fact that she's announcing my full name on the air, but whatever. anyone with half a Google-brain could've found it months ago. like i've said, i hide this blog from no one. even my dad reads it now. go figger. honesty's great, y'know. keeps things simple. but now you'll know who i am. hi. :)

all right, back to biting my nails. well, no, not plural. i've allotted myself one nail to bite nervously -- the right index. it's all about moderation, right?

(ps: dunno yet if there'll be a downloadable version of my interview; i believe they only do the main interviewee, which i'm not. i'll keep y'all apprised if there is one.)

A Lil' Help?

I don't know what "detonate this" button I hit, but I somehow managed to make my sidebar's background end at the end of sidebar content. Can someone give me a hand in returning it to when I had it going all the way down the page, all purty-like?

Speaking of sidebars, all the "decent" new articles from Mid-March until now have been added to the list of what I think is my best work. Have a lookie, if you're new. It's right there. -->

Friday, May 19, 2006

Girlie Goes Live! Catch Me on the Radio Show!

At approximately midnight, TONIGHT,
(May 20th)*
I'll be live
on the Sex with Emily show.

If you don't live in the San Franciso area, you can probably download the podcast the next day or two after that. Regardless of where your Waldo is, if you're up and want a nightcap with me, you can listen live on Free 106.9 FM's website by clicking the "LIVE" button in the centre top of the page.

That'll take you to a registry page where you have to sign up for a Radiomat account, which is free, and then you can listen to your heart's content. The show actually begins at 11:00pm, so you can tune in then and listen to all the smutty talk as an appetizer for yours truly.

I won't be posting Saturday, I don't expect, as I want to take the day to do things I enjoy and/or productive things, so I'm clear and relaxed for the show. Truth be told, I'm a nervous girlie. I'm a pretty modest chick and down-to-earth, so the whole notion of being a guest on a show's a little weird. And, shh, don't tell anyone... I'm kinda shy, you know. My segment, be warned, will probably be 10 minutes or less. What can I say? I like quickies.

It's Not You, It's Me

(This is a bit of a downer post. I’m being torn between great things happening and this, so I’m just in a really unfun, strange, pressured whirlwind of a place right now. Read this for my great news.)

That phrase is among select company in the statements none of us wants to hear in a relationship we value. It’s gone beyond being a standard line given when something inexplicable has gone awry in a relationship to being a pop-culture joke of reknown.

In Seinfeld, George Costanza freaks out after being dumping by a woman, saying, “You're giving me the 'It's not you, It's me' routine? I invented 'It's not you, it's me'. Nobody tells me it's them not me. If it's anybody, it's me!"

But this time, it’s the Guy.

He needs some time, he says. Life’s hard. Between the rehabbing, working incessantly, being completely out of sick time for the next ten months, the frustrations of life being different from what it was, the fatigue, the lack of freedom and fun, the residual depression that comes with… It’s proving to be a hell of a reality cocktail for him.

Apparently, the future of the relationship is in jeopardy. As a result of all the things going on for him, he’s been left feeling flat and emotionless, and it’s eating him up.

I'm worried that it's over. My worries are valid. A decision won't be made yet, there is no timeline. Space will be had. Things will be revisited. We'll see what's next on the horizon then.

The strange thing is, we both care for each other a great deal. I know it. He knows it. We’re a great match. On paper, we have so damned much going for us, so how it’s here, how it’s this way, neither of us can figure out beyond just really dumb fucking luck.

I’ve had reservations since the get-go with his badly broken leg that he suffered only a couple weeks into our relationship. I should have played things differently. I should have pulled back more, made myself scarce, but I didn’t. I wanted to pretend things were fine, too. Delusion is a great plaything.

Unfortunately, I know exactly what he’s going through. I should have known better. I’ve been down that road – coming home from work so fucking tired all you want to do is die a while, cry a while, whatever it takes to reset. The last thing you want is having to deal with people of any kind, because you haven’t even got the energy to deal with yourself anymore.

Am I feeling negative about it? Yeah. Because although I’ve come through those injuries and know that he’s at his lowest point right now – there’s a false optimism when you get that first update on the prognosis from the doc: “Progressing nicely” – because it’s never as easy as you hope it will be. In fact, it’s harder. You throw excess overtime and challenges into the mix, and then you’re sent spiraling into a hole you think’ll take you all the way to China.

And one day, things change. One day, things get better, and you come back to yourself, and things carry on as you wish they would’ve a long time before.

The only question is whether I’ll be around to see it. Whether I want to be. And right now, I don’t even know the answer to that. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me, but I’ve been pushing little hurts and neglects aside for a couple weeks now, with a realization of what he's been enduring and cutting a little slack as a result. I’m not sure what my breaking point is. I had a vision for this relationship, and that break broke more than his bones.

I have no cards to play. I get to back off, and that’s all I can do.

That’s adversity for you. It’s why hard times are so consistently responsible for trouncing relationships. In the end, we all close our eyes and become prisoners in our own minds. Lovers seldom can truly break through the walls we raise between us and the world. We try to let them in, but there’s a place inside they often just can’t reach (and sometimes we can't, either), and when things like these happen, those places grow cavernous and dark and dank.

The thing that makes this really hard is, I want the Guy in my life, but if this was to end tomorrow, I’m not sure he would be. I’ve never stayed friends with an ex-lover. I don’t have it in me. Just like I can’t do random, casual sex; my emotional capacity doesn’t work that way. My reservoirs run far too deep to just turn the valve off and change pressure modes for comfort’s sake. I can’t ignore matters of the heart, and I can’t pretend they’re less than they are. “Friends” are nice, but when you’re wanting a lover, there’s not much sense in pretending you’re not the person you know you are, or that you don't have the needs and desires you do.

I sometimes hate how life can change in an instant. (Ironically, mine seems to be changing two ways in an instant. I'm so fucking torn.) There’s so little power any of us has over our circumstances, and when the going gets tough, we have to hold on to the things we have and struggle to keep ourselves in the game.

Only this time it just isn’t that easy. Nothing is.

It’s a waiting game now, and my suspicions last week about overtime possibly being a dire contributor to this relationship have proved true; I saw it posing a bad shift in balance between the me time I have far too much of, and the time he’s had virtually none of. I don’t blame him for the overtime, he’s had no choice. We all know what responsibilities to the workplace entail, and we’ve all sacrificed our private lives to an extent for it.

I just wonder if either of us really knew what was on the table.

Now we do.

Am I optimistic? As I write this, not particularly. And I fucking hate that. I have no question that he wants it to work with me. He’d be a fool not to want that. I just don’t think he has it in him right now. And if he doesn’t, then I probably won’t have it in me to be anything outside of what I’ve been thus far for him. I wish I wasn't, but it's how I'm built. I foresee things being hard to overcome if it goes that way.

For now, we wait. We hope. We wonder. Then we see.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Your local scribe is gonna be on the Sex With Emily show this Saturday night. It's unfortunate that my big media debut's on a long weekend, but at least it's a downloadable podcast after the fact.

The show will air live in San Francisco on 106.9 Free FM. It's on from 11pm to 1am PST, and no, I don't know my airtime just yet. When I do, I'll post it here.

After that, hopefully you'll be able to devour me in downloadable formats.

I'll be talking about Sex & The Body Image, conveniently enough. Near and dear to my heart, that.


It's getting closer... closer... and closer. It's time I announce something I've had in the offing for about a month or two now. It's still in planning stages, I'm still gonna be learning baptism-by-fire, but at least the gear's getting ordered and soon I'll be going live with a podcast.

I'll be creating podcasts that are 100% Steff-written, Steff-created, but first aired on, an exciting new massively multi-player online game in which you can shag yourself silly, be an adult in a "real" virtual world, and create the "ideal" you as a character. It's recently been featured as a hot new site to watch in Wired Magazine, and has only recently made its live debut. I'll even have an avatar in the world!

There's to be a membership fee, and while YOU won't need that to download my podcasts (which are a downloadable, listen-at-your-leisure radio-type broadcasts available for FREE through the 'net), you'll need a membership to participate in -- and this isn't finalized, because there are technical challenges to overcome -- a live after-show discussion with me. If the latter happens, then AFTER both are broadcasted, podcasts will be available for you through this site. Like I says, though, if you want real-time interaction with me, you'll have to be a junkie.

The podcast is a ways off -- probably a month. It's still in the works, but I've been given the go-ahead to mention my affiliation with the lovely folks at RLC. I'm still awaiting all the gear required to do a bang-up show, but things are being ordered, wheels are turning, and sands are disappearing through the hourglass.

Some Thoughts on Self-Image

It’s hard, this being-an-adult thing. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Vancouver, and while it’s not as hot as it was, it’s still warm and sticky in the afternoon and evenings. The Guy and I took it easy, barbecued some food, and found orgasms through the low-energy method instead of getting all intense about things. I never realized how exhausted I was until I plopped down on his bed. That’s the thing, the killer: exhaustion.

It’s so hard keeping romance alive when one partner, or both, have been overdoing it in the real world. That’s just life, and it’s something we all need to contend with from time to time. I probably could’ve been up for sex last night, but I wonder if it would’ve kicked my ass, too. I’ve cycled a lot this week and it’s wearing me down in a good way – I had a lot of negativity bubbling under the surface, and cycling has helped deplete it (and deplete some of my copious ass, too).

In the end, we had a great feast including this bread (mmMM!) I made for the first time and a couple beers. Absolutely wiped, and too warm, we wandered into his bedroom, got naked, and just relaxed. Eventually, orgasms were had the “manual” way and we both laid there content and chatted a little.

Sometimes, not doing anything the best thing you can do.

I got an email last night that made me ecstatic. A reader wrote to let me know that I’ve played a big part in her rediscovering her self-worth after an emotionally abusive and cruel relationship (because he was an abuser, honey, and don’t ever think less of him). These kinds of emails make me feel like all the grief I go through to try and generate something reasonably fresh on a daily basis is worth it.

Money works, too, so let’s remind you about that PayPal button on the right there. But, really, I get no money out of this blog yet and I’m trying to figure out a way to do so, and I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later, but right now? Nada. Screwing up the energy to write every day sometimes seems futile… and then I get those occasional emails that blow my mind. “Me? I did that for you? WICKED.”

Self-esteem, self-worth, self-love… my god, how furtive they seem. One would think that loving oneself would be an easy thing to do. Sadly, the opposite is more true.

You know, I have a hearing problem. I wear two hearing aids, they’re small, they aren’t always perceptible, and while I’m having some issues with hearing right now, normally I’m pretty good with it, despite fucking hating it. But I was just thinking a bit ago about being deaf. Could you imagine? Probably not. I can. I’m pretty much deaf (25% - 50% hearing) when I roll out of bed in the morning, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy the silence while I can. I’ll often wait an hour or so to put in my buds – I’ll write in quiet and ignore the world. I wonder sometimes what being deaf all the time would be – living in your head, never breaking free of those wheels turning constantly in the corners of your mind.

You wouldn’t be able to escape yourself, for good or for ill. Sounds, I’ve come to learn, provide ample distraction from who and what we are; that bus rumbling down the street, birds chirping, a dripping faucet, an asthmatic wheezing nearby. I sometimes wonder if my lack of hearing is part of why I’m such a contemplative individual. Perhaps.

There was a time when my contemplation led to self-loathing. Nowadays it’s a coping mechanism, and a cottage industry, it seems.

I find that a lot of people I know are often a little daunted at the prospect of being alone too long, as if being alone means being lonely; the two, however, are not related.

I honestly think it’s impossible to be a well-balanced person if you can’t handle being alone, but maybe that’s me reading too much into my lifestyle. Self-love, self-worth, it comes from knowing you’re good company. It comes from being able to realistically see yourself as others see you, not through your hyper-judgmental eyes. After all, how accepting are we of average people streetside? Much moreso than we are about ourselves.

Thanks to the media, we’re surrounded by beautiful people who are airbrushed for magazine covers or filmed in soft light, and then we spend our days walking into shitty fluorescent bathrooms, staring in dirty mirrors, and we wonder why we’re not the sex gods the rest of the world seems filled with. It’d almost be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

Becoming realistic about what each of us has to offer is one of the hardest things to ever learn. Becoming secure when naked is a difficult task to accomplish. It’s not something that occurs overnight, and god knows I’m still on my journey. In this relationship I’m in now, I’m comfortable with him naked. It doesn’t sound huge, but it really is. Lying around naked with your lover is a great way to get past insecurities and to focus on matters at hand. It has taken me my whole life to get to this point.

I’m a bonus-lover gal. My ass has got some grip room, if you know what I’m saying. I’m fit, I’m active, but I’m, well, chubby. Cute, but chubby. My weight has been something I’ve hated my entire life – and the hatred is one of the things my mother is to blame for, as she always reminded me to watch my food and things like that. The food’s always been a minor issue, but it was exercise that was my bane. These days, I’m getting pretty active and I’m liking the toning I’ve got. Sixty pounds down, another forty or so to go.

I noticed something incredible a couple weeks back – I went swimming. I’ve gone swimming off and on for the last year and a half, after not setting foot in a pool for about 15 years, thanks to insecurities. When I first re-entered the pool after all those years, I felt like I’d just come home again. I forgot how much I loved the pool. I wasn’t happy about being in a swimsuit, but I did it again anyhow. Two weeks ago, I put the suit on and strutted – not walked, not strolled, but strutted – out to the swimming pool, my towel dangling at my side instead of being held like a security blanket in front of me. After, I got nekkid and showered with the ladies. I used to shower with my suit on and change in the bathroom. Not anymore.

(After all, go to the pool and really, really look at the other people. What in the hell do you have to be ashamed of?)

And it felt fucking awesome. It dawned on me that sometimes insecurity is just a bad habit, something we get so accustomed to being that we simply don’t change, when the reality is we can. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. I’m proof positive. (Thank heavens.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sex, You, and Your Kid: How Parents Are Failing

Parents bear so much responsibility for how kids view sex. It’s a shame most of them don’t handle the subject better, but it’s terrible that so little emphasis is placed on the sexual education of youngins.

Two things caused me to spend years questioning sex and feeling like a whore for engaging in it: the Catholic Church and my mother.

The Catholic Church is a given. I had to laugh when I received an email the other day for a “Sexosopher’s Café” at a local sex shop, where they wanted to do a philosophical discussion of whether “religion is sex-negative.”

Come on, you had to think about that one? Oh, please. What’s the last church you went to that encouraged you to tie your lover up and pleasure them? What’s the last church you visited that said consensual sex could include just about anything under the sun? That’s right, none, ever. Sex, when it comes to religion, is only good when done in certain ways.

Am I stereotyping? Fucking right I am, but rightly so, too.

My Catholic guilt still tugs at my heartstrings now and again, but as long as I live, I will never, ever come to understand how my mother could have fucked sex up for me as much as she did.

I never, ever, ever got the conversation about what sex was from either of my parents. I saw them fucking once, and I still remember the horrified look on my mother’s face – before they realized I was standing in the doorway. Most damaging, though, was something my mother said to me when I was 15 and they had split up.

She commented, quite casually, that the thing she was most grateful for about the separation was how she no longer had to fear my father coming to bed and wanting sex.

My father was heavy then, but he was always a kind and gentle man, so I knew instinctively she didn’t mean in a violent or demanding way. She meant she loathed sex. She told me she’d sleep as close to the edge as possible, so she could more easily dissuade him from making advances. And then she expressed how relieved she was that she could now sleep anyplace she wanted on that bed.

Between her lightly dismissing my question on blowjobs at age 8, her horrified look mid-coitus, and this new complaint about fearing sex, I was quickly developing a perception that sex was something women had to do to satisfy men, and something worth dreading.

I didn’t know sex could be enjoyable. I never learned it was an expression of how much you cared for someone, or a really wild way to spend a night in. I didn’t know it wasn’t (really) painful, and I sure as hell didn’t know I was supposed to love having it.

For me, sex has been a long journey to where I am now, and there’s still road to travel. There are new destinations I’d like to reach, particularly considering my traveling companion of late, and the idea of sex is still something I’m ever curious about.

It’s a far cry from the girl who was terrified to sleep with her boyfriend shortly before she turned 18, who was sure it would hurt like hell, who was adamant she was doing him a favour and it wasn’t something she would be benefiting from.

Today’s kids are in a strange, strange world. They’re bombarded with sexuality from the moment they emerge from the womb. Cartoon characters (Disney in particular) are sexier than they’ve ever been, clothes are more provocative, and MTV borders on porn most days. When they’re not getting hit by sexuality from the world at large, they’re playing on the internet, surfing at random, probably landing on smutty sites like this or worse, (don’t read this, kids), or still worse yet, engaging in cybersex.

Am I a conservative? Not by a long stretch, but I’m sick and tired of seeing kids being raised in a Fuck Me Now world, where sex is the only currency that counts. I think sex is important. Hell, it’s crucial to my quality of life. A day with sex is better than a day without it, and that’s just how I feel. I’ll never be a sex-negative person, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be objective about this oversexed world we’re living in. There’s a fine line, and I think we’ve crossed it of late.

What kills me are the conservatives, the true conservatives. It’s so fucking ironic, their POV. They can’t control the endless stream of sexuality pouring in from media and marketing today, so instead they want to limit sexual education and birth control. Does it make sense? Not in the least. To pretend kids are not surrounded – bombarded – by images of sex and sexuality is akin to confessing a belief in the Easter Bunny. There’s no question that it’s out there, that dirty s-e-x thing, but to ignore it and hope that sticking your head in a hole in the ground will somehow make the world around you more palatable to your moral beliefs is delusional.

(As an example, Kansas has adopted opt-in sexual education. Meaning, if the kid doesn’t show up with a note from the parents that gives permission to teach them about sex, the kid can’t take sex ed. Isn’t it precisely those kids who are most in need of sexual education? Christ. Can someone, anyone, teach these people how to fucking connect the dots?)

How is ignoring the fact that we live in a world that doesn’t respect sex the way it should, doesn’t portray it the way it should, going to help anyone? That’s the perfect reason why kids need to learn more sex-positive education both in the home and at schools, so they can negate this overwhelming pornification of sexuality seen constantly in the media.

I’m not saying I want to do away with any images of sexuality, I’m just saying I sure as shit wish there were more sex-positive images, because there aren’t many.

I’m tired of knowing that I’m not the only person who never actually learned about sex from my parents. Sex isn’t biology, people. It’s passion, it’s emotion, it’s mind games, it’s exploration, it’s creativity, it’s dangerous, it’s satiating, it’s intense, it’s anything you want it to be. But it ain’t biology, and it ain’t all reproduction, and kids need to learn about what it is, and what it isn’t. They need frank, honest discussion, or else we’re going to continue having young adults who need to get past wrong perceptions of what sex is.

Considering all the head games and mind-fucks that come with courtship and relationships, dealing with mixed-up, backwards perceptions on what sex is, is probably the last thing any of us needs to waste headspace on. In the face of AIDS and other STDs, ignorance is a pretty horrifying prospect, but one that’s rampant as I type.

By teaching kids the realities of what sex includes – from the wet spot to day-after pains and aches to STDs and emotions – a little of the allure might be swept away, but so too will the unrealistic expectations and the fear, and maybe even the blasé attitudes most kids today have about getting shagged.

Here’s a very, very simple consideration for parents to take under advisory: Imagine your kid has come to you and asked you about sex and all the things that happen during it. Imagine your discomfort. Imagine the awkwardness of trying to explain it. Imagine the weirdness of divulging to your offspring about how you essentially created them. Imagine sweating under the pressure you would feel to do a good job. Imagine you cut it short and explain instead just the biology of what happens, and not how to be a good lover, or the emotions that come with, or the potential fall-out after the fact.

And now imagine your kid going out into the world with barely even an understanding of the biology, let alone the rest of the sexual happenings. Imagine them going into a sexual experience clueless about what should go down. Imagine the panic and worry they’ll feel afterwards when they wonder unnecessarily if one of them has gotten pregnant, and how pregnancy really works. Imagine they can’t figure out what way a condom goes on or how careful they need to be when pulling it out. Imagine the guilt and shame they’ll feel for doing what we all inevitably experience at some point in our lives. Imagine the self-loathing they’ll feel when they suspect they’re a bad lover. Imagine the awkardness of trying to fumble towards ecstasy without your help.

And now own your failures as a parent. So, I say this to every parent out there: Get the fuck over yourselves, and do your jobs. This is too important to continue letting kids learn by bump in the night, and the price paid for it is far too high.

You can’t explain it? Then buy a good book that explains about sex and give it to the kid. Better yet, pick up a pack of condoms and some lube and grab the book, and give them to your kid, and then tell them you hope they’ll be mature and responsible enough to wait for someone special when it comes to sex, because if they sleep with the wrong person the first time, they’re probably going to always wish they’d decided differently.

You may not appreciate the idea of your kid fucking in the back seat of a Ford, but the reality is, it’s gonna happen, whether you’re on page or not. You’ve done so much for your kid over the years; is it really worth abandoning them on the issue of sex so you can save yourself a panic attack?

Think about it.