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Saturday, May 20, 2006


All the fucking hype, and then I discover their fucking phone number doesn't work from Canada!

Due to technical problems, they couldn't call me. We're apparently gonna try again next week or some other time, for a longer interview this time, through the 'net. Sigh!

Sorry about the hype, folks. I tried, man, I tried! Hell, I even FLOSSED for the phone call. Jesus! Damn you, Cosmos! Grr!

And now I'm too wired on caffeine to sleep and I have a yard sale at 8am. How fun!

Oh, well. Life's hilarious sometimes. Fucking lucky socks... You let me down, socks. (I'm a little choked, but I'm also amused, and in a weird way, relieved. I think I would rather have a little more prep time -- and promo time, oddly.)

Well. Bathtime for this girlie, then. Yeesh. Odd life!