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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Further Adventures of Craig's List

Judging by the, uh, "list" this "vendor" makes available of his rather "extensive" Playboy collection he has available for sale, one might surmise that in the years 1964-1966, 1971-1973, 1976, and 1979, he was getting shagged senseless.

Now, I know there are those who "collect" Playboy and such, but is that really something you want to be buying used?

That's up there with the time that Bill Clinton got assessed by the IRS because he was claiming used underwear donated to charity were a $5 tax write-off. "But they're silk!"

You really don't wanna be discovering the hard way that the best pages were pages 85-86 in the January 1977 edition, simply because the pages are permanently stuck together with a strong and enduring, um, natural "adhesive," right?

No, best to be the original owner, methinks. But, you know, have at 'em. He's taking offers.