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Friday, June 16, 2006

Testing, Testing... Can You Hear Me Now?

I should be on Sex with Emily if our test-run works out in the evening on Saturday. If so, then I'll be listenable in the second hour of the show, around midnight PST. I'll post listening details by evening on Saturday, so tune in here, there'll be a hyperlink, and you can plug in and hear me live on the 'Net (or on Free FM in San Fran). Some of you may have tried tapping into the listen-now link before and had it fail if you were Mac users. I know the right place to send you this time, have no fear.

Like I sez, the test needs to fly, and we'll be airborne. Stay tuned, boys and girls. I'm on the verge, babay.

The topic this weekend is the dreaded topic of Exes, on which I have some strong opinions, I guess. There's a surprise. Me? Opinions? Noooo.