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Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Got Nothing (But Good)

Far be it for me to declare myself as "back," but the she who is me certainly played a starring role in the evening that has passed.

Consider this: I worked 11 hours today, got just shy of three hours of activity in, shot about forty good photos, ate one of my favourite comfort meals, and have essentially thoroughly enjoyed myself as a Single Woman for the first time in months. During my workday, I had to walk around downtown Vancouver running quick errands for an hour and a half, and tonight I might've taught two kids for just shy of three hours, but I also fit a great 95-minute bikeride in between the two jobs and afterwards. Yep. It's a fine day. (And yes, I hurt, and yes, I have saddle ass. Grr!)

Well, a fine day except for my shirt breaking. The zipper decided to rebel. Funny, too, given that back when I first started dating the Guy way back in early March the shirt (which has spandex in it) was tight on me (and I mean tight). Now, it's practically hanging off me. Yet still the zipper malfunctioned and it's been pronounced DOA. I guess I'll do a few extra hours OT on the weekend and shop me some new duds, then. Fuck it. Time to do up the Steff, sez I. Cuteness-factor must be attended to!

Anyhow, I just thought I should report on a good day -- a day on which the depress-o-meter simply bears no rankability. I wouldn't say I'm over the moon with glee or anything like that, but I feel good, and good is good enough. Good is good, you know? I'll take that.

Now, the dilemma: Do I make the muffins tonight, so they do definitely get made, or do I take the chance that tomorrow will really be when they finally get made, huh? Sticky wickets! Damn them all.

Oh, and something else good happened today, but I can't tell you. Nay, I shan't. I fear the jinxing of goodness, and this goodness shall not be jinxed. Not by the likes of you, nor by some bumbler like myself. I shall keep the morsel private until further notice. Suffice to say, I'd like to have more days such as this. Just have your fingers crossed for me next Wednesday morning at 8:30 Pacific Standard Time, wouldja?

And these are two of the photos I took on the way home tonight. Pity I didn't realize I had my camera set at such low quality. Bah! Back to RAW format now, dammit. For what they are, they're nice, but it sucks to be below archival quality. Still, I get to share a bit of my day with y'all. And now... for ice cream!