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Friday, September 01, 2006

They Really Are Telling the Truth!

I have finally found a lipstick that doesn't lie. Actually, it's more of a gloss, or possibly a science experiment. Outlast by Cover Girl comes with the colour at one end and the sealing clear gloss at the end. It promises 10 hours coverage. In the past, I've tried many of these so-called marathon lip colours, and I note the time of when it goes on, and I check the progress during the day.

WELL, Cover Girl Outlast went on at 8:30 am and had to be washed off at 11! Fabulous! And the colour never faded during the day. I'm sold. Now to buy one or two more for some colour range. Now, had I been kissing some cute guy, maybe it'd have worn off sooner, but I'm a bit of a lip-nibbler anyhow, so I think I've tested its range pretty well, and 15 hours is pretty astounding for colour-lasting time. Let's hear it for a product that does what it says it'll do: Woot!