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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Binds that Tie

The Guy got his little introduction to bondage Steff-style last night. This is good news for you, boys and girls, because now I can do the postings I've been wanting to do on exploring bondage for beginners.

The Guy's doing shower-type things, so I have no such time on my hands just yet. But soon.

Bondage = Good.

Face it, the bondage you "think" you know about is the stylistic bondage that the "extreme" lifestylers exhibit. Unfortunately, that's pretty intimidating to newbies. I intend to simplify matters and take a little of the fear out of it all. I'll give a few tips, that's all.

It doesn't have to be a "honey, get the leather and play some Nine Inch Nails" kind of night. That's a stereotype, and a wrong one. So, later this week, we'll talk restraint and pleasure, shall we?

Now... where is that guy o' mine? Hmm...