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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Here's where we're at people. I just learned me making MP3 files this morning, and I now know how to record. Now, I need to learn how to edit podcasts, and I also need to make the design layout of my new podcast's companion blog. (This place will still exist, but I'll slowly be changing over to posting at the new blog, for a few reasons, but mostly because the irony of choosing this blog's name "Cunting Linguist," did work to get me larger numbers of readers in the earlier days, but now that I have a large readership, cannot be mentioned in mainstream 'cos the name itself is censorable. Nice, huh?)

Anyhow, I've registered my domain, need to pay for webhosting, and design the new site, plus learn the podcasting, and in between there, work the six days a week I'm working the next three weeks. In short.

So, somewhere in that formula, something's gonna give. And it might be writing. I'm saying: Lower your expectations. Payout will be good eventually, but for now, lower them. :)

I'm tired and I ain't even fucking left the house yet, and I have an 11-hour workday. Shoot me now.