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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Myspace is gay!

This is nasty and mean but it's funny.

According to this, what you can surmise about me for having a photo of just my eyes up here:

Beware: Quite possibly a ninja.

All I can say is: Ichiban.

And this is a perfect time to mention this great ad from a friend of mine's excellent adult social network.

Actually, you'll find that site's a part of RLC, the people who have bought me all this lovely podcasting gear with which I will soon be speaking directly to you. We're gonna be broadcasting originally on RLC, and then a couple days later my files will be made free for your enjoyment. To catch me on the original airing time, though, you'll need a membership to RLC, otherwise you're waiting a couple days.

I already have some plans for the companion blog I'm working on. Over the course of this week, I'll be trying to design a site. This is what's eating my time, my other playstuff. Starting next week, I work a little less. Less than 50 hours, anyhow. Yay.

Stay tuned, boys and girls.