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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

in case you need more to read...

one of my regular readers here has happened upon my other blog, and has commented that this posting should be duplicated here. but no, that won't happen. it's some of my thoughts on writing, though, particularly in regards to pursuing a writing career (as i'm trying to do), and if you're interested, you can visit there. i don't always write about sex here, but i do try to keep it in a certain group of topics. much of the other blog is:
  • comments on culture & society
  • rants
  • thoughts on my life
  • bullshit
  • ponderings about writing, and such
between the two blogs, i probably do 7-10 postings a week. some better than others, but that's the nature of creativity.
this blog isn't just sex -- it's about the perception of beauty, how to communicate, the commodification of sex, media's perception of sex, etc. and then it's also about, yes, the dirty s-e-x (because we loves the dirty s-e-x).