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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stumbling through Sickness

I'm just popping in, since my rather fun yet caustic rant of a couple days ago still sits front and centre. (Those of you who take my "rage" seriously need to lighten up. Rants rock. Love'em.) I'm a sickie Steff, but we've all known I've never been quite right in the head. Hardly a shocker there.

In the 82 hours since Sunday at 11, I've slept nearly 50 hours. You know what pisses me off most about sickness? What a waste of time it is. But that's all right. I'm constantly saying how everyone needs time to themselves, and I guess this is my downtime. Whatever. It just irks me to sleep so much, have lame dreams, and still feel tired. Blah!

I'm valiantly heading into the office today. (Boo! Hiss!) But it's the first time this week I've had the remote semblance of energy. (Yay! Huzzuh!)

Anyhow: On the horizon sits some time to write, probably tonight or tomorrow night, but we'll see. I may no promises.

What I want to write about, though, is this article. So, have a little read. My tentative working title? "In Praise of Fat." A-yup. Draw your own conclusions, but I reserve the right to surprise you. As always.

Have a day, people.

(PS: Starting this morning, a slow shift is occuring: I'll be moving all my best of archives to my new blog. Over the coming couple of months I hope to move most of the content here to a new home... Blogging will still happen. The same feel will still exist on the new blog, but I hope to have slightly higher standards for posting. So, a little less, but better when it happens. Hey, everyone's got a dream, man. I'll give you a heads up when I feel the new site's ready to go. For a while, things will be posted on both blogs. Then, one day, I'll simply make the switch. Stay tuned. Thank you, DH & JMb, for your assistance re: said blog!)